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110-metre Elyon superyacht concept

Magomed Khamatkhanov
May 10, 2018

Expleo Design studio unveil another radical superyacht design, a 110-metre yacht from steel hull and aluminium superstructure with a beam of 14.3 metres and accommodation up to 30 guests. Cruising speed is expected to be at 18 knots, according to YachtHarbour.

The design drive for this concept was “greatness” with the motto “aim for the highest” in mind.

The organic shapes used to draw the yacht combine elements inspired by nature assembled in a futuristic and innovative approach. 

Main inspiration was the wave, actually a calm wave, which gives the design lines of the project. The grace of the wave was observed and studied and it was captured in project. Calm and elegant, firm and strong at in the same time characterize the yacht Elyon. 

The unique bow, the blending between decks, wide glass windows and the 3 structural elements from each side give the style of the superyacht. Clean design an wide spaces offer an immense feeling of freedom and the size of it the feeling of power. 

The six decks invite the passenger to a new experience, an experience of pleasure, joy, and happiness. Each deck with its own features and ways of entertainment to be discovered like sunbath, swimming pool, jacuzzi, party place, dining space, spa and gym, wellness area, games and casino room, and even an indoor pool. 

The space underneath the helicopter pad was designed to be used as a party place with a front view and an indoor pool.

Feelings, comfort, and pleasure of enjoying a calm and sunny sea were envisioned into a 110-metre superyacht concept that can take you to a different level of happiness.

The design work of Expleo Design team was like always an enjoyable and challenging experience in the process to deliver an innovative, futuristic and beautiful yacht concept. With every concept, product or project developed Expleo Design put a part of their hearts into it as they love to create.