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Wolgan Valley resort offers six-star luxury

Dal Kikin
February 28, 2019

As hotels and resorts around the world continue to raise the bar in the ever-growing luxury arms race, some - mostly in Asia and the Middle East - have begun to advertise themselves as six-star or even seven-star establishments.

Most of them are huge, exclusive, brilliant or a combination of all three. The first hotel to receive a seven-star rating was Burj al Arab in Dubai, which calls itself "the most luxurious hotel in the world." In order not to surpass others, they followed suit, including Pangu 7 Star Hotel in Beijing, Tameer Tower in Abu Dhabi and The Flower of the East in Iran - they all promised luxury by as many as seven stars.

In Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley there are no such complaints, but ambitions of the same level reach the landfill corner of the Australian bush, and just nine years after opening, the resort can rightfully claim to be one of the most luxurious places to relax in a vast area. island nation.

The Volgan Valley is a lesser known ridge of the Blue Mountains, a vast mountain range located to the west of Sydney.

In the heart of the Blue Blue Mountains, where the Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley is located, you can enjoy Australian luxury and escape from wildlife a few hours from Sydney.

Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley is located in a beautiful valley and guarantees you accommodation in luxurious hotels, where you can explore the surrounding landscape in each window, offering you all the necessary atmosphere for relaxation.

Hotel Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley - This is a 40-room hotel that lays the foundation for environmental sustainability, and its design is combined with the surrounding areas and includes all amenities.

Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley offers luxurious villas, each with a private pool, double-sided fireplace and a balcony with stunning views.

This is an unusual holiday destination - no ostentatious luxury. Here you dissolve in the surrounding nature and can even take part in its conservation. Guests of the Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley can enjoy horseback riding, walking, cycling and jeep safaris around the reserve. The program of stay here is designed for adults and children. For guests created excellent conditions that are fully consistent with the elite status of the hotel. There is a bar and two restaurants, a spa and fitness center.

The resort has a 25-meter outdoor pool with jacuzzi and a terrace for relaxation, tennis courts, also offers walking, cycling and horse riding excursions in the park and jeep safaris (personal guide services are provided), watching the stars, fascinating historical excursions in the surroundings .

In addition to first-class service, interesting routes await you, including many bike rides on estates, with shorter or longer routes to explore, depending on your fitness level and ambitions. Along the way, you will surely come across abundant kangaroos, wallara and wallabies.

Birds race and sing in varying degrees of slowness and dissonance. The sounds of the Australian bush - an exciting symphony - not always sweet, but instantly recognizable. To this it should be added that in the summer around the Blue Mountains comes the sound of cicadas, the noise that lies midway between the cello drone and the hiss of a snake.