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What to do in Mauritius: Ten amazing eco-tours

Dal Kikin
March 1, 2019


Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort invites you to get acquainted with the pristine nature of Mauritius, choosing one of the ten best ecotourism programs. They are addressed to guests who want to get acquainted with the unique ecosystem of the south of Mauritius - an amazingly beautiful place where the resort is located.

The proposed tours are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Coral reefs, picturesque lagoons, mangrove reserves, vibrant plantations, waterfalls and forests, rising to the peak of the Little Black River - the highest point of the island, at an altitude of 827 meters above sea level - open up to the guests' eyes.

iStock/Maxim K

Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort is located in the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve near the waters of the turquoise lagoon. The hotel is immersed in tropical vegetation, and it is within easy reach of the most amazing places on the southern coast of Mauritius.

Among the favorites of eco-entertainment from Outrigger - walks on electric bikes, which have enough power for the whole day. Guided tours include cultural and historical sights, educational lectures, tastings of Mauritian dishes and drinks from local residents, and, of course, delightful contemplation of many-sided nature

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Five-hour walks with a representative of the Wildlife Fund on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve are also popular. Guests will pass through the midlands, evergreen rainforest, swamps and heaths, while viewing rare birds.

Among other ecotours: a hike through the Hike Black River National Park and Frederick Nature Reserve, the landscape of which is represented by 1300 hectares of sugarcane fields, valleys with waterfalls and highland forests. Those wishing to tickle your nerves are offered night safaris. In addition, guests can climb Le Morne peak, which is a World Heritage Site. Here they honor the memory of slaves-islanders, who once found refuge in the high mountains.


Guests are also offered horseback riding, during which riders can swim in the lagoons right on horseback. Those who wish to master kite surfing can do it from June to September - the course is designed for 6-10 hours of classes.


Those who go to the island of White Herons (Iles Aux Aigrettes), which covers an area of ??27 hectares and is located two kilometers off the southeastern coast of Mauritius can feel themselves like a Robinson Crusoe. There is the only surviving “dry coastal forest of Mauritius”, where endangered species live - from the giant tortoise Aldabra to the bright day gecko.