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Welcome to the Swiss resort Engelberg-Titlis

Dal Kikin
December 19, 2018

Photo: iStock/Denis Linine

On the eve of the day when the snowflakes cover a soft white landscape, you can start planning a list of winter attractions. In the Swiss resort of Engelberg, or the Angelic mountain, there are too many of them. Hanging bridges, ice caves, sun-drenched slopes ... Raise this winter of pleasure, discover the Bernese Alps!

Photo: iStock/Denis Linine

The open bridge between the mountain slopes is very narrow and a hundred meters long. Those who pass this must give medals at the end. Or even Swiss chocolate! Because the first few steps are enough to feel how blood due to adrenaline begins to pulsate in your temples. The metal grill rings under his feet, but his eyes go deep into a few hundred meters of the abyss. He ventures into the sparkling ice of the Titlis Glacier. Titlis Cliff Walk is the highest suspension bridge in Europe, it goes to a height of 3041 meters, often above the clouds. Experience these invisible. But in Engelberg, one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland, not only this sky bridge is unique.

Photo: iStock/Olga Niekrasova

There are 82 km of tracks in the Titlis region. And for the sake of a great freeride, the so-called Big Five. Five bright lines for those who have the skills to deviate from the route. Recommended by Dominic Zhizen, who comes from here, a great mountain of alpine skiing and Olympic champion from Sochi. And no one doubts that Titlis has something to boast, whereas for comparison, the Brunni massif is only seven kilometers. But he has another advantage.

Photo: iStock/4zoom4

Locals say about it "the sunny side of Engelberg". And they do not do it too much. Three years ago, on the roof of the old Ristis mountain station, a solar plant was installed that produces enough energy to meet the needs of the entire resort. Even artificial snow is produced there thanks to solar cells. It is worth adding that from crystalline mountain water.

Photo: iStock/Denis Linine

Brunni. Skis can be clipped, but it's probably better to rent a sled there. A beautiful, over two-kilometer toboggan run leads from Brunni to Ristis. We can choose from two variants: Rinderbüehl is much easier, ideal for children. After the much steeper Zigerboden only adults are racing. If you want to spend the whole day on the track, you may not worry about your condition. Because from the bottom of the route, the chairlift will carry him back up and his, and heavy sledges.

Photo: IStock/Canetti

And the entertainments for Brunni are not over yet. Put away the sledge, jump on the skigibel. A Swiss invention, one ski, and a fixed stool on it. When riding down the slope he controls his legs. Madness, but the snow absorbs possible falls, and joy is at the same time enormous. The snow rockets are not convinced yet. Six kilometers of trails, looped around the resort, have been adapted and clearly marked with pink signs for those who would like to take a walk along the snow-drenched area. There is no shortage of willing people. Rockets do not let you fall into white fluff, and three-thousand peaks are at your fingertips.