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Travel ideas for 2019

Dal Kikin
January 9, 2019

Photo: iStock/seb_ra

January is a great time to plan for the coming 2019. If you cannot imagine your life without traveling, if you adore bright and eventful events and like to try something new, we have something for you.

1. Watch whales in the Azores

Photo: iStock/Andrea Quartarone

If you thought that whale watching is a dream that cannot come true, forget it. Go to the Azores, they are not too far away. The first meeting with a fascinating mammal will certainly be unforgettable.

2. Go hiking in Tien Shan

Photo: iStock/Tien Shan

Of course, this journey is worth preparing. But it is definitely worth it. Just imagine: a backpack on your shoulders, trekking boots, a camera, majestic rocks, stunning landscapes, icy rivers, deep gorges, tall green firs, snow peaks, dizzy heights. Romance is the same!

3. Overcome the most famous pilgrim road

Photo: iStock/sollafune

Camino de Santiago - The Way of St. James - the most famous and popular pilgrimage route, which lies through Europe and ends in the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela near the grave of Jacob. Previously, only pilgrims took this road, but now this path has become the main pedestrian route in Spain.

4. Go ice skating on Baikal

Photo: iStock/tatyun

Why not see the deepest lake in the world in winter? You will be able to overcome the snows, hear the crack of ice and try to find the islands on which the shamans are buried.

5. Explore unrecognized states

Photo: iStock/leospek

Have you ever heard of Hebron? It is a city with shrines of several religions, divided between Palestine and Israel, a city with ancient architecture.

6. Meet 2020 in a hot country

Photo: iStock/KonArt

For example, in Australia. The local Santa Claus is a tanned, muscular surfer in swimming trunks. New Year in this country - hot sand on the beach, soft drinks, exciting fireworks, kangaroos and fascinating surfing.

7. See the colorful island in the Persian Gulf

Photo: iStock/Anastasia_Aleksieieva

Iran is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. A trip here is a great way to get rid of stereotypes about this country. Fascinating Martian landscapes, wild beaches and Persian hippies exactly dispel all myths.