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Top of the most beautiful railway stations, which are definitely worth a visit.

Dal Kikin
October 15, 2018

Liege Guillemins Station: iStock/dennisvdw

Railway stations are not only transport hubs that meet and accompany passengers. Stations can be real architectural and historical landmarks, and sometimes symbols of empires.

Liege-Guillemins Station, Belgium 
The most beautiful station in the world according to The Guardian. The 160 meters long and 32 meters high arch rises above the ground like an iceberg of steel, glass and white concrete. Architect is a 66-year-old Santiago Calatrava from Spain

Antwerp Central Station: iStock/matth_be

Antwerp Central Station, Belgium
The construction of this luxurious neo-baroque building was completed in 1905, and people began to criticize it for excessive waste. Still would! In the design was used more than 20 different types of stone and marble.

St. Pancras Station: iStock/undefined undefined

St. Pancras Station, UK
The red brick neo-Gothic facade of the station began to collect rave reviews ever since it was opened in 1868. In the second half of the 20th century, the station received a huge investment in the amount of 800 million pounds, for which it was completely renovated.

Atocha railway Station: iStock/thehague

Atocha Station, Spain
In 1851, Queen Isabella II opened the first railway station in the country in Madrid, and after 40 years Atocha acquired its modern look. Alberto de Palacio and Gustave Eiffel led the project. Before the Olympics, which was held in 1992 in Spain, the building was restored and a winter garden was laid out in the center: a stream rang out all year round, birds sing and turtles swim.

Sirkeci Station: iStock/replika_rni

Sirkeci Station, Turkey
Built in 1890 as the terminus of the Orient-Express train from Paris, this Ottoman Art Nouveau building is especially attractive for its facade. Stripes of red brick surround a wide entrance, and colorful stained-glass windows on the windows create splashes of color inside the building. Despite the fact that this main entrance is no longer used, people often stop in front of it to admire the building, and maybe catch the occasional performance of the Dervishes circling inside the large hall.

Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station, Australia
Over the Melbourne station worked architect Nicholas Grimshaw, who received for this work the prize of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Southern Cross is recognized as the most beautiful train station outside the European Union. The station began to receive tourists before the start of the Commonwealth Games in 2006, and its main know-how is a sea-shaped roof, reaching a peak of 23 meters at its peak.

São Bento Station: iStock/GeorgeAPhilip

São Bento Station, Portugal
Outwardly reminiscent of the 19th century Parisian architecture, with a mansard roof and a stone facade, this station is, of course, beautiful outside. However, once inside, you can hardly hold back an enthusiastic exclamation. The walls of the large main hall are covered with 20,000 magnificent, world-famous azulezhu tiles, on the painting of which the artist Jorge Colaco spent 11 years of his life. Blue and white patterns depict shipping history.

King Cross Station: iStock/PeterJamesSampson

King Cross Station, UK
The main London railway station is shrouded in mystery. According to one of the versions, the Queen of the Celts Boudicca, who fought against the Roman emperor Nero, was buried under the railway tracks. On the other hand, between platforms 9 and 10 there is a transition to the other-dimensional dimension used by Harry Potter.

New York Central Station: iStock/The Speedy Butterfly

New York Central Station, USA
This is probably the most cinematic station was built at the beginning of the XX century and is full of dazzling architectural details. Starting with a giant Tiffany clock on one of the facades and ending with a dome-shaped golden-azure ceiling, painted with astronomical figures and a scattering of stars.

Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station, Japan
The main advantage of the station on the island of Honshu is a huge wooden arch. It is made in the form of ritual gates of torii, which the Japanese set at the entrance to the sacred places. Inside the station, architectural reception is supported by 12 arches of cypress, each with antique ceramic or wooden frescoes from the Kanazawa museums.