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Thrill of the best haunted hotels in the world

Dal Kikin
October 16, 2018

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Banff, Canada): iStock/Nick Goetz

This hotel is located in the mountains and the architecture resembles a medieval castle. The lodgers who stayed here talk about strange sounds coming at night, and some guests even saw ghosts. According to eyewitnesses, the ghost of a girl in a wedding dress is found here. She died in a hotel the day before the wedding. The second local ghost is the spirit of the hotel employee Sam Macoli, who worked here many years ago. The guy is so attached to his work that he still walks through the corridors of the hotel. Some guests even talked about a gray-haired man who helped carry the bags to the room, and then disappeared.

The Stanley Hotel (Colorado, United States): iStock/goldhawk

This is the same hotel where Stephen King was full of emotions and wrote his famous book The Shining. This fact alone is enough to definitely come here. But the charms of the hotel “Radiance” are not limited. The fact is that the guests really see ghosts here. In 1911, the hotel’s housekeeper almost died from an explosion of gas, and after her death, the silhouette of an elderly lady began to notice in the corridors. The horror master's book describes the ghost of the woman in room number 217. The guests of the Stanley Hotel also hear strange sounds coming from this room. Sometimes at night they see translucent children who play and laugh in the corridors of the hotel.

Selsdon Park Hotel & Golf Club (South Croydon, United Kingdom)

If you watch movies, it seems that England is just teeming with ghosts. It seems that there is not a single castle or old house without a corresponding history. The Selsdon Park Hotel also has otherworldly forces. Residents often say that they see a woman in gray, passing through the walls. It is believed that this is the ghost of the maid who once worked in this hotel. Allegedly she had an affair with the young son of the owner of the hotel. Then everything is like a ghost movie: she got pregnant, he threw her, she stepped out of the window and now wanders the ghost through the corridors and creates advertising for the restaurant.

The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai, India): iStock/Leonid Andronov

It so happened that in India it is not customary to talk about ghosts, therefore there are no ancient legends about the spirits of the Maharajas. But the years of British rule were not in vain, and the ghosts still wound up. So in the local hotel of the world network Taj Mahal often notice the manifestations of poltergeist. They say that this is the spirit of the chief architect who built the building. He did not attend the construction site all the time and, once having returned from a trip, found that the hotel only approximately resembles the beauty that he painted on the drawings. The architect was so upset by the arbitrariness of investors that he laid hands on himself. Since then, his ghost has been walking on the roof of the hotel, and sometimes guests can hear him crying.

The Driskill (Austin, United States): iStock/Rauluminate

This is a small hotel in Austin, Texas. Residents and hotel staff talk about ghosts that are found in local corridors. Many times they saw the spirit of the girl who was thrown by the groom the day before the wedding. Unable to bear the offense, she shot herself right in the hotel, in the room 29. If there is an opportunity to settle in this building, you know which room to rent. Also, the ghost of a four-year-old girl is periodically greeted at the hotel - this is the daughter of the senator who died here. Baby loves to sit on the marble stairs. And the oldest ghost is the spirit of hotel owner Jesse Driskill. He still cannot calm down, walks through the corridors and checks that everything is in order.

Russell Hotel (Sydney, Australia)

At the beginning of the last century, when Australia was still under British rule, an epidemic of bubonic plague swept across Sydney. At the same time, in the building where the Russell Hotel is located, there was a hospital where they tried to treat hopeless patients. Later, when the terrible disease left the city, there was a hostel for sailors. No one will tell how many people died here over all these years, but their souls still do not know peace. The lodgers say they see the ghosts of seamen and prostitutes in the local corridors. And in number eight, what the hell is going on. 

Queen Mary (California, United States): iStock/littleny

In this hotel, almost every day ghosts are met. "Queen Mary" is the first transatlantic liner, which has been carrying passengers between America and the Old World for many years. During the second world war the liner was used for military needs, and in 1967 he was placed on the eternal parking lot in Long Beach in California and became a floating hotel. It must be said that in the years until the liner “Queen Mary” was used for its intended purpose, many people died here. Now hotel guests see their ghosts. For example, around the pool, we were often met by a translucent woman in an old-fashioned swimsuit, and at night the cries of children are heard.

Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia (Rome, Italy)

Over the centuries that there was a great city, the mass of people in it died not by their own death. Some of the dead still can not calm down. One of the manifestations of otherworldly activity was the hotel "Castello Della Castellucia". The hotel is located in a renovated building of the XI century and is famous for regular manifestations of ghosts. As the guests tell, they saw three ghosts here. In one of them they recognize the emperor Nero - the very one who once burned Rome. At night, he walks in the garden near the hotel - sometimes alone, and sometimes leads a horse to the bridles.

Hotel Chelsea (New York, United States)

If you are in New York, try to stay at this hotel. The hotel is known primarily for the fact that in one of its rooms, the bass guitarist of the Sex Pistols group Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spangen. But we are interested in Chelsea because we have seen celebrity ghosts here. In one of the rooms he fell into a coma, and later died, the poet Dylan Thomas, whose spirit was repeatedly met by the guests. Also here were the ghosts of the writer Thomas Wolfe and the playwright Eugene O’Neal. The hotel guests also witnessed the inexplicable turning on and off of the light and felt the cold air flowing from “out of nowhere” with the windows closed. But all these paranormal phenomena only add to the popularity of the institution.

Ballygally Castle Hotel (Larna, Northern Ireland)

Even before the castle became a hotel, it was owned by a certain James Shaw. It is not known what kind of conflict he had with his wife, but he destroyed her in a rather sophisticated way. James sharpened his wife in one of the towers, and she could not stand the humiliation, jumped out of the window. Actually, this is how ghost stories usually begin. The ghost of a dead woman still lives in this castle, but it bothers not the former spouse, but to innocent hotel guests. Still here see the ghost of her destroyer, James himself. He also ended badly, he was poisoned in his own house. The third spirit, identified by the hotel staff, is a kind of Madame Nixon - she is occasionally noticed walking in the corridors in a beautiful dress.