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This is the ultra-luxury Suite 5000 by Mandarin Oriental New York.

Dal Kikin
January 14, 2019

The hotel celebrates its 15th anniversary with a “limited offer” of 44,460 euros for two nights.

From this week until March 31, the luxurious Mandarin Oriental New York hotel invites you to enjoy the most elite holiday, Suite 5000, at a special price of 44,460 euros for two nights in honor of the 15th anniversary of the hotel. Anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of ultra-luxury, this is your chance.

Suite 5000 was only available exclusively, but now it is open for general booking for a limited time of celebration.

The “offer” of a two-day birthday celebration includes a rate of $ 36,000 (€ 31,390) for the first night and a special rate of $ 15,000 (€ 13,978) for the second night. That is just for 44,460 euros you can spend two nights in one of the most luxurious suites of the city of skyscrapers.

Located on the 50th floor of the hotel, it covers an area of ??306 square meters with three bedrooms, which combine the best design and art of New York. The hotel’s management says it's perfect for special holidays with friends and family, and presents an exclusive showcase of urban artistic and entertainment community with breathtaking views of Manhattan, Central Park and the Hudson River.

The suite features an exclusive art exhibition featuring works inspired by New York, signed by recognized and emerging contemporary artists, from Stephen Nife to Rachel Lee Hovnanyan.

Guests can find an iPad in the room so that they can interact with the exhibition so that they are aware of all the artists and their works.

The living room offers a collection of eclectic recordings selected by the famous Academy Records of New York store. The collection consists of records that define the city and pop music as a genre, influenced by jazz, salsa, rhythm and blues, folk, rock and roll, punk, new wave, hip-hop, early hop and other styles.

A total of 244 hotel rooms and suites, all with stunning views of Manhattan and five-star service.