This futuristic German concept train has a gym, noise-cancelling chairs, sleep pods and video games

Maria Sergeeva
November 20, 2017

This futuristic German concept train has a gym, noise-cancelling chairs, sleep pods and video games

The ultra-futuristic 'Ideenzug' which translates to 'Idea Train' was presented by the state-owned railway firm Deutsche Bahn in Nuremburg last week.

The futuristic train, unveiled at an exhibition as part of the project of modernizing morning commutes, is so fantastic that if it will make you think twice before taking your car in the morning. Even if it will be a self-driving one.

Instead of losing your priceless time in traffic jams, you’d certainly prefer doing your morning exercises, playing video games, sleeping in super comfortable noise-cancelling chairs that swivel to face either direction or chill with other passengers or friends leaving children in a kids room.

Deutsche Bahn describes itself as the second-largest transport company in the world, after the German postal and logistics company Deutsche Post / DHL, and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. It carries about two billion passengers each year.

The German giant is convinced that self-driving cars will be their biggest concurrent in the nearest future, so the idea is to create something even better than this.

Jörg Sandvoß, head of Deutsche Bahn Regio, told Süddeutsche Zeitung that car makers want to create 'rolling living rooms' and train companies need to come up with better options.

The answer of Deutsche Bahn is a 90-foot-long double-decker equipped with a fitness studio with exercise bikes and digital coach, a console playing room, a kids room and many, special noise-dampening for business class travelers.

The Ideeenzug even has private rooms with stands for for the tablets and laptops so passengers could relax, switch to their private tasks or even proceed to work before you get to the office.

The concept was first discussed two years ago during a drive to come up with future travel solutions.

Future tests will help determine which design ideas prove most promising, Jörg Sandvoss, the CEO of Deutsche Bahn Regio told International Railway Journal. “When developing such concepts, it is not about implementing a train with all the creative ideas at once, but rather taking individual approaches into consideration for new trains,” he said.

The destinations of the futuristic train are still unclear, the only thing we know is that the project is in partnership with Germany's Southeast Bavarian Railway.

 “The mobility behavior of commuters in Germany is changing rapidly. Passengers expect comfort and individuality and want to use their time wisely. Vehicles must be suitable for mass transportation and highly reliable, but at the same time comfortable and individual. I therefore welcome the fact that DB Regio faces up to this challenge and develops the Idea Train.”, said Johann Niggl, spokesman the Bavarian Railways Company.