These common myths about flying almost all passengers believe

Maria Sergeeva
October 31, 2017

 The world of aviation stays enigmatic for the vast majority of passengers, so there are plenty of myths we believe just because flying in the air seems to us a co;plicated end rather dangerous, while, thanks to ever developing technologies this is not as unpredictable as it seems.

To put an end to myths air travel, Honeywell, which produces environmental control systems and cabin pressure technology for planes, decided to conduct a survey with 2,346 adults across the U.S. as part of its Air Travel Myths and Misconceptions survey.

 Myth 1: Recycled germs through a plane’s cabin air system could make you sick when flying

 The recent survey reveals  that 44 percent believed that the air in an aircraft cabin can make people sick, presumably because of all the recycled germs. In fact, modern environmental control systems (ECS) designed by Honeywell not only keep the cabin pressure comfortable, they scrub the air regularly of toxins, microbes, molds, viruses and even smells. It turns out, you are more likely to pick up germs from touching the bathroom door latch, the seatback tray and the air nozzle above your seat — hard surfaces other people regularly put their fingers on.

Myth 2: Summer is the safest possible season to travel

Twice as many people in the survey believed that air travel in the summer is safer than other seasons because of weather. Almost half-worried that weather would conduct to a flight delay, and one-third wondered if turbulence was dangerous. About 15 percent of people were curious why the pilot couldn’t simply steer around a storm. It turns out, pilots can fine-tune their route and fly around or above weather. They can also respond as conditions ahead of them change thanks to online weather applications. GoDirect Weather designed by  Honeywell even covers routes over the tropics and mid-ocean, which historically have had sparse radar coverage. All weather data are uploaded in real time and overlaid with the plane’s route in a 3-D graphic display. This means that flying any time of the year, in any kind of weather is safe with modern technologies.

 Can pilots see anything thousands of miles from land?

While flying, even if pilots are thousands of miles from land, they are constantly connected via satellite data link which helps to to maintain continuous voice and data contact.

Other funny myths

 Finally, the study reveals, passengers are well-informed

“Hardly anyone (just 7 percent of respondents) thought that flushing the toilet on an airplane creates a vacuum that could suck you out (whew!). Only 12 percent thought that the engines had to be at full power to keep the plane up. And only 21 percent wondered what that tiny little hole at the bottom of each window was for”.