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Real luxury: the greatest hotels in Europe. Part 2

Dal Kikin
February 25, 2019



"Palace" is not just a loud definition of the Lisbon Olissippo Lapa Palace, which many five-star hotels usually award. Until 1988 there really was a palace owned by Count Valensas. At one time for his design, he invited the best Portuguese 19th-century ceramist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, who created unique furniture for the count's house, as well as the artist Columbano, who painted the walls and ceilings of one of the halls. The family of Simoes de Almeida, who was responsible for turning the palace into one of the main hotels in Lisbon, tried to preserve the original interiors, which is why some of the rooms have ancient stained glass windows and furniture.

Walking through the hotel’s garden, overlooking the Tagus River, it is easy to forget that it is 2018 outside. Now Olissippo Lapa Palace can not only maintain the features of a real palace of the XIX century, but also to keep pace with the times. A sign of the highest quality of services provided by the hotel is that it belongs to the association The Leading Hotels of the World. Each hotel room is different in style: from art deco and colonial style to neo-classicism. The hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool, the Lapa Palace Spa and a well-equipped gym.



The Savoy is not just the main hotel in London, but also a true legend of the hospitality industry. Savoy was the first hotel in the UK to use electric room lighting, telephone prototypes and elevators, and rooms are equipped with private bathrooms with constant hot water. Including thanks to this, The Savoy very quickly became a favorite place of celebrities, and London bohemians gathered in his restaurant, which later received two Michelin stars. By the way, it was in this restaurant that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, heroes of Conan Doyle, liked to dine.

Having survived a three-year reconstruction a few years ago, The Savoy was only better and did not lose its famous chic. As always, people come here not only for the historical atmosphere, but also for top-class service: the hotel has a health club, its own theater, several restaurants, a limousine service, a personal shopping consultant, butler, florist and concierge services. Well, not the last role is played by the program view from the windows of the rooms on the Thames and Covent Garden.



To experience all the beauty of Amsterdam, you should definitely live by one of the idyllic canals. So, right on the embankment of the Amstel River is located the famous hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam. He will be equally liked by lovers of timeless classics (the lobby and hotel rooms are designed in classic style and decorated with authentic canvases by Dutch artists), and trendsetters (the rooms are complemented by the most modern technology: each includes a Nespresso coffee machine, an iPod docking station and a modern surround sound system Bose).

By the way, it was in De L’Europe Amsterdam that Alfred Hitchcock shot the film Foreign Correspondent. Another reason to stay here is the iconic Bord’Eau restaurant, which has two Michelin stars, and a magnificent view of the Munt Tower from the veranda.



Hotel Adlon Kempinski is well located with the Brandenburg Gate: the best view is from the Möet Ice Impérial Lounge. The dome with stained glass windows, golden ceilings, the rooms with oak floors, decorated in beige, red and blue colors: real luxury is just about Berlin Adlon.

Separately, it is worth noting the kitchen - not for nothing that Berlin is called one of the world's gastronomic capitals. In addition to the dining room of Lorenz Adlon, which was awarded with two Michelin stars, the hotel has a no less worthy Sra Bua by Tim Raue restaurant and the famous Sra Bua Bar.