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Real luxury: the greatest hotels in Europe. Part 1

Dal Kikin
February 15, 2019

The most famous hotels of France and Italy



Perhaps, in Paris there is no more significant place than the legendary Ritz Paris. For lovers, one can hardly think of a place more appropriate than the classic L’Espadon restaurant within the hotel’s walls, which is called the temple of gastronomic art by the master Nicolas Sall. A less majestic, but incredibly elegant Bar Vendome is another iconic place for a romantic date for your dreams. The luxurious space is camouflaged as a French brasserie, while the atmosphere, serving, service and performance of dishes is a luxury of the highest standard. The space is an elegant winter garden with a glass roof - in the summer it is opened, and the garden turns into a sun-drenched patio. It is here that you will try the best oysters in your life to the accompaniment of a musician: the repertoire of pianists is usually classic or blues. Also, the menu’s haunted burratas and the perfect carpaccio are considered to be the hits of the menu - the divine performance of each dish is noted by the main hedonists of the world and gastronomic critics.

As for the hotel itself, only the loudest epithets are relevant - the Paris Ritz is considered one of the best hotels in the world. The interior in bright colors after renovation looks especially impressive: tea roses, gold accessories and all kinds of pastel shades - creamy, creamy, peach - are responsible for the incredible harmony of the luxurious space of the rooms.



Photo: iStock/Cezary Wojtkowski

Hotel Le Negresco is the calling card of Nice and one of the oldest hotels on the Cote d'Azur. The history of the creation of "Negresco" is somewhat similar to a fairy tale. Its founder Henri Negresco was the son of the owner of the inn in Bucharest, traveled around Europe for a long time, studied hotels, until he settled on the French Riviera, where he worked first as a waiter, then as a head waiter in one of the hotels, then as director of the restaurant Helder and, finally, as a casino manager . So he met with the architect Alexander Niermann and millionaire Pierre Darrac, with whom he decided to build a hotel that will not be equal. Well, then you know: now Le Negresco is the personification of the right luxury. This is a real museum: the metal frame of the dome of the Royal Salon was created by Gustave Eiffel, and each of the floors represents its own era: the second is decorated with paintings of the early 20th century, the third is dedicated to the era of Louis XV, the fourth is decorated in the Empire style, and the fifth reminds of Napoleon III.

The historical value is not the only reason why Le Negresco is considered the best hotel in Nice. The convenient location just a minute walk from the beach and the Promenade des Anglais, the famous restaurant The Chantecler, which has two Michelin stars, and the bistro La Rotonde, decorated with fragments of a carousel of the XVIII century annually attract hundreds of tourists.



The main hotel of the Italian capital, Hassler Roma is considered not just a legendary hotel, but also one of the attractions of the "eternal city". Not just luxury, beauty and impeccable service, but the real atmosphere and spirit of Rome - this is the main advantage that guests of “Hassler” will appreciate. It is in an amazing place: in the very center of the city, on the top of the Spanish Steps, which is very symbolic - the main hotel of Italy towers over Rome, and from the windows of its rooms and terraces there opens a fantastic view of the rooftops, patio, cathedrals and fountains. This is such a beauty that is breathtaking - it is not by chance that here, on the 7th floor, is the main gastronomic location of the city: Michelin-starred Imàgo restaurant.

Connoisseurs of comfort will pay tribute to the luxurious designer rooms, shopping lovers will be delighted by the neighborhood with the main boutique street of Rome, and great romantics and sophisticated tourists state: nowhere else does the “great beauty” of this city sound so convincing and powerful.



The famous hotel, which is located in the building of the XII century palace, becomes the best place in Venice for a quiet and measured rest. In Luna Baglioni, actors Sean Connery and Michael Douglas, who know a lot about the intricacies of the life of a real aristocrat, have repeatedly stopped.

So, each room is designed in the Baroque style, from the windows there is a beautiful view of the island of San Giorgio and the bay of San Marco, and for the convenience of guests - a private pier, which allows gondolas and boats to go directly to the main entrance. The legendary Canova Restaurant deserves special attention, serving Venetian cuisine. In short, an ideal place for those who want to fully enjoy the art of Italy.

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