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New safari destinations: routes to see wild animals

Dal Kikin
October 9, 2018

Photo: iStock/kimrawicz

Chilean Patagonia.

Guanaco: iStock/encrier

The first new place to spend the weekend in nature is Chilean Patagonia, where you can meet the unique guanaco, which are listed in the Red Book and are under state protection. The opportunity to see rare animals provides by lodge Awasi.

The eco-friendly hotel is 20 minutes by car from Torres del Paine National Park. Off-road vehicle rental and guide services for guests are provided free of charge, besides you can go on safari at any time of the day. From the windows of 12 villas you can see the mountain peaks and the lake Sarmiento. The furniture in the villas is wooden, there are fur skins on the floor, there are fireplaces. The price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The cost of the villa starts from $ 2,970 for 3 nights per person.

Fogo Island, Canada.

Caribou reindeers: iStock/Sergey_Krasnoshchokov

The Fogo Island Inn, located on the small island of Fogo, in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, provides safari programs that allows you go on your own or with a local guide. The main actors that tourists come to watch are the unique caribou reindeer, as well as cormorants and petrels. This place becomes truly magical in the rays of the northern lights. 

Fogo Island Inn: iStock/Ryan Carter

To get to Fogo Island Inn you need to take a ferry from Newfoundland Island - planes fly from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and New York. The hotel’s 29 suites are furnished with designer furniture, and their windows overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Restaurant chef Murray McDonald is considered one of the best in Canada

Room rate starts from $ 1,275 with three meals a day.

Gulf of Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica.

Macaw parrots: iStcok/Uwe-Bergwitz

If you wanted to stay in the real jungle - then you need to go on the coast of the Gulf of Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica. Here you can watch the amazing macaw parrots, golden-beaked toucans, caliber and other animals. The safari resort occupies 400 hectares of Costa Rican jungle. 

The eco-hotel has 7 rooms with traditional handmade wooden furniture. Playa Cativo can be reached in 25 minutes by boat from Puerto Jimenez or Golfito (there are flights from Costa Rica’s capital, San José). The territory of the resort is bordered by the national park Piedras Blancas, which is home to more than 350 species of birds.

Room rate starts from $ 300 per night.