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Mandarin Oriental to take guests through Italy in vintage cars

Dal Kikin
October 5, 2018

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider: iStock/SurkovDimitri

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, located in Milan, offers its guests an exclusive opportunity to make an exciting journey through the North of Italy in a 1955 vintage Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

On the first journey, guests are expected to visit an old violins workshop in Cremona. The town became famous thanks to Antonio Stradivari, who created his masterpieces in one of the local workshops. Today there are more than 100 such places. The city tour is designed for an hour, during which they will tell about all the secrets of the violin makers.

Cremona: iStock/bluejayphoto

Violins workshop: iStock/niolox

The second trip will be an excellent option for lovers of Italian cuisine. The tour will take place in the city of Bergamo, where locals love simple, but delicious recipes. For example, casoncelli - pasta with beef and pork stuffing, which is just taught to cook. After the master class guests will enjoy a full meal with fresh local products.

Bergamo: iStock/dinosmichail

Casoncelli: iStock/Mrkit99

The third tour revolves around a visit to the Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore, where the famous cheese aging farm is located. A magical atmosphere is created here: guests can see the subtleties of cheese ripening, tastings and have dinner at a restaurant that has been awarded two Michelin stars. Then you can walk through the botanical garden of the villa on the lake, where more than 20,000 plant species grow.

Lake Maggiore: iStock/DocOlivier

Cheese dish: iStock/vasiliybudarin 

The price of the first trip for two people starts from € 3,100 
The price of the second trip for two people starts from 2800 euros
The price of the third trip for two people starts from € 3,500