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Luxury vacation in India: Atmantan Wellness Resort

Dal Kikin
February 21, 2019

We tell where to go in order not only to enjoy the beautiful nature, but also to reboot, to improve the body and reunite with its internal energy.

In the western part of India, near the picturesque Lake Mulshi, the Atmantan Wellness Resort is a luxury resort. This place is ideal for recuperation and “recharging” surrounded by beautiful landscapes. When the founders of the hotel thought about what location to choose for their offspring, they wanted the whole situation around to contribute to comfort and solitude away from the noisy life of big cities. They managed to find the right “place of power” right here - at the foot of the Sahyadri crystalline mountains, which are rich in useful minerals and crystals with healing vibrations.

The name of the resort was also carefully thought out. The word “Atmantan” unites in itself the central concepts of Indian philosophy: “atman” - soul, “manas” - mind and “tanas” - body.

The hotel has 97 luxurious rooms and villas, designed in a minimalist style. Each room or villa has a balcony or access to the garden, which offers a panoramic view of the lake, mountains and waterfalls. Special attention is given to Villa Mango Tree Villa - on its territory there is a separate overflow pool, gym, cozy veranda where you can have breakfast in the fresh air or do yoga. There is also a private spa area with a thermal complex, an infrared cabin and a sauna.

The gym at this resort is equipped with the latest technology, in indoor pools - only salt water (the policy of the founders against the use of chemistry).

Fans of meditative practices and yoga are engaged in special pavilions. Dance classes, Pilates and yoga are held in a spacious studio. In the near future, guests will also have access to high-performance aqua aerobics and Paddle board yoga - a unique offer among Indian retreat resorts. But the hotel’s greatest pride was a three-story spa complex with a wide range of services: from hydrotherapy and wraps to pranic cleansing of the chakras and Ayurvedic massage. Even if you have already tried many different procedures, Atmantan Wellness Resort will find something to surprise you.

For lovers of the exclusive, branded exotic massage is offered, combining various techniques of Swedish and Thai massages, stone massages, as well as lymphatic drainage, crystal therapy and healing with energy vibrations. For 90 minutes of this "journey" you will feel completely renewed.

The desire for environmental friendliness can be traced throughout: masseurs use only natural scrubs and oils, and in the restaurant menu only fresh organic products. In addition, the hotel has its own energy generating facilities, which can produce up to 40 liters of water per day.

All programs of the wellness center include a mandatory individual consultation with a therapist on the first day of stay, postural monitoring, body composition analysis and other studies. The guests are led by a professional team of doctors led by the famous Indian doctor Manoy Kutteri. At the moment, depending on your own goals and medical recommendations, you can choose one of 9 programs designed for a period of 5-7 days or more.

Dr. Manoi Cutteri adheres to this philosophy: "Healthy food, daily exercise and quality rest." He completed vocational training (Ayurveda, naturopathy, acupuncture, yoga, healthy eating) in India and the USA, received a Master of Psychology and a Master of Business Administration, a PhD in medical sciences. He is known and respected by both health experts and ordinary people from all over the world who listen to his lectures and attend trainings with interest.

“Atmantan is a one-of-a-kind international spa where visitors from all over the world come to find solitude, redefine their former life and find the strength to create the one they dream about,” says Dr. Manoi. - I am glad that I work together with such a team of talented professionals. Together with the creators of the resort, they are making every effort to inspire people to positive changes in their lives. "

During the two years of its existence, Atmantan Wellness Resort has won several prestigious awards, including the Best 2017 Health Resort 2017 and the Best India Spa Award 2017.