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Luxury glamping: night under the stars

Dal Kikin
January 29, 2019

Open your eyes and the blue sky is unfolded. The sound of the river has lulled him to sleep and the view, which goes from floor to ceiling of the comfortable tent, shows him a green landscape with tall trees and the light of the sun that timid looks out. How about waking up like this, in the middle of the forest, with the comforts of a room, but with the possibility of feeling nature as if it were immersed in it? It is possible to live this experience in Terramaga, a glamping that connects travelers with the environment without sacrificing a bit of comfort.

Located in San Francisco, in a land that does not appear indicated in Google Maps and where you can get with instructions sent after booking, this accommodation is ideal for two people and is designed to disconnect from technology (no wifi) ) and live a contemplative time. It is recommended for those who love calm, who are interested in resting. The rooms are next to the San Miguel River and have total privacy, although both have a completely transparent part. Spica is one of the accommodations. It is a trapezoid tent and has one of its sides transparent. Its name refers to the largest and brightest star in the sky, and the brown, gray colors with touches of gold are inspired by it.

The tent has a private bathroom, with the particularity that one of the sides is uncovered. Thus, every time guests take a shower they can see the riverbed. There is also a double bed, two bedside tables, an additional table where there is a kettle with two teas and the necessary elements to be comfortable, such as extra blankets and towels. 

Just outside the tent there is a wooden platform with two chairs of the same material. In this covered space, guests can contemplate the landscape. At night the extensions of solar lights are lit, which produce an atmosphere of tranquility and a certain romanticism.

In the 40 hectares of accommodation guests find a pool, a small lake with two ducks, an area available for picnics, another for romantic dinners, a hiking trail and finally the social area. There is also the restaurant, which offers a menu of Italian dishes. The food is prepared as ordered and served fresh. In this area guests can also listen to music while enjoying a view of the mountains.