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Kotor: an unusual hotel and a fabulous place in Montenegro

Dal Kikin
November 14, 2018

Photo: iStock/MaksimMazur

Middle Ages in loft style. And one of the most beautiful bays on Earth.

Hotel Villa Duomo

There are only 13 rooms in the hotel. Biblical size Ideal for one demiurge who found the truth and a dozen of his followers. Unusual designer hotel in the stone heart of Kotor. In its pedestrian part, behind the fortress walls, under the strict control of UNESCO, lies the whole history of ancient Dalmatia. Despite the Romanesque monumentality of the thick walls, not close cells are waiting for you, as you might think, but spacious rooms. The terrible earthquake of 1979 left only the perimeter of the building, but, as they say, always look at the bright side of life. There is something positive in everything. The current layout is a fashionable Middle Ages. Loft style. The backlighting gliding along the rough brickwork adds to the bedroom the scenography of the Game of Thrones. Respectful archeology of ancient walls and monumental comfort. Outside the window from the cafe from the square instead of a lullaby comes live jazz. On the other hand, the bell tower of St. Tryphon catches midnight.

Photo: iStock/Olena_Znak

From the room above the entrance to the hotel, the guest lowers a basket on a rope, like a Rapunzel braid of hair. Vintage furniture, retro radios, old books and a typewriter. The windows are on three sides and cool air, playing with curtains. It seems that a noble relative has appeared in Kotor and you will now be announced of a suddenly abandoned inheritance.

Hotel Villa Duomo

The profile of the hostess of the hotel asks for a coin. Behind the desk at the reception there is a cheerful smile of a girl. On the map, the bay is compared to a “smile”. In my opinion, the bay resembles the upper part of a swimsuit. He even had a chain-fastener before - the bay was closed from the pirates in the narrowest place with the help of lifting chains. In the most beautiful bay of the world - the purest water, puff because of the currents, like the famous local wonder-dessert triplet. It is best to enter it, like a knife, from the prow of a pleasure yacht, having run away and taking off above the mirror-like surface. Above, gentle and warm, like a foam, right at the depth - dense and cold, the colors of ink.

Photo: iStock/Belikart

And between - a scattering of sapphires, the game of currents and sun glare. The movements of underwater jets are shy and unsteady like shoals of fish. However, the body is only surprised at the difference in temperature.

Photo: iStock/Elena_Sistaliuk

Some people think local cuisine is rustic and coarse. Chevapchichi, jolly and fat sausages, jerky, like sneezing, “pryshut” - instead of the melodious “prosciutto”!

Photo: iStock/KarpenkovDenis

Hard even in pronunciation. It's time to go to the garden of the restaurant Stari Mlini (“The Old Mill”). A table under the fig tree at the edge of a brimming bay cup. On the table carpaccio of sea bass. Translucent pearl petals covered with lemon juice and olive oil. It can be eaten as a soft ice cream. Fragrant and infinitely varied homemade bread. Crushed in cornmeal and toasted barracuda turned into a huge jewel inlaid with gold nuggets. But the cook had just pointed to her transparent eye, showing freshness! At the exit is a colorful, reading a pile of newspapers, a gray-haired old man, ancient and austere, like mountains. Master. The old miller himself.

Photo: iStock/MaksimMazur

Must do in Kotor

Photo: iStock/goce

The ascent of the mountain along the fortress wall is about one and a half thousand steps. Rise up early in the morning until the sun came out from behind the mountains and the city is still sleeping in the shade and coolness - better than any cardiovascular equipment. In addition to species pleasures, this is a necessary local ritual, without which the presence in Kotor does not count. Entrance to the wall - 8 euros.