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Japanese floating hotel Guntû: tradition of perfection

Dal Kikin
January 23, 2019

Guntû, a floating hotel with just 19 rooms, soon became the last sensation in Japan due to its elegant design, inspired by the traditional aesthetics of the eastern country and its refined space, which offer each guest a cozy and warm space in which to swim. The open sea becomes a spiritual experience.

Traveling on this ship should not be understood as a trip, similar to what will happen on an ordinary luxury cruise. Guntû offers a unique opportunity to break away from reality and plunge into a state of complete harmony. Far from making a world tour and making extensive tourist trips, the ship is silent in the waters of the Setuchi region, not far from Osaka.

“Although it is silver, on a cloudy day it will look white when mixed with the color of the clouds and the sea. When the noon sun is reflected on it, it harmonizes perfectly with the red surface of the water. Everything was carefully thought out to harmonize with the sea environment, ” project architect Yasushi Horibe said. Horibe thought through every little thing to make this creation a masterpiece that can easily become one with the environment.

The ship is a loyal representative of Japanese culture. Wood trim, minimalist interiors and empty spaces resemble a ryokan, a type of traditional guesthouse.

In the gastronomic sector, sushi is a stellar dish prepared under the supervision of Nobuo Sakamoto, the chef of the famous Awajishima's Nobu restaurant.

Guntû, whose name refers to the small blue crab found in the area, is 81 meters long and has a spacious deck and open lounges where travelers can relax while enjoying the world around them.

If you are a more active traveler, on board a ship you can also perform more dynamic activities, such as morning walks, fishing, and even participate in festivals of nearby islands.

The price to spend two nights on the outskirts of Guntû is about $ 3,600 per person.