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Inside Blackberry Mountain, Tennessee's Most Luxurious New Resort

Dal Kikin
February 27, 2019

There is no national park in the United States that has more biodiversity than the Great Smoky Mountains. The park, spread along the California-Tennessee border, is home to thousands of animals, plants and mushrooms.

You will be amazed by its landscape dominated by mountains and huge trees. Authorities estimate that 95% of the land is covered by forests.

Located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm has been synonymous with rural luxury since it first opened to the public in 1990. Over the past decades, she has gained loyal followers in distant, high-profile and epicurean adventures. offered on its 4200 acre space. 

Therefore, when the team announced that another property would be opened this winter, which would take on the same dedication to southern hospitality and include it in the category of adventure, natural nomads and first-class fanatics knew that something good was waiting for them.

Best in Travel 2019 named it one of the 10 places you must visit in 2019; Each year it receives 10 million visitors. Now tourists will have a new option for lodging and relaxation, as a new resort has just opened next to the park. Visitors. Now tourists will have a new option for lodging and relaxation, as a new resort has just opened next to the park.

This is Blackberry Mountain, a 5,200-acre luxury resort in eastern Tennessee. Staying here is an experience for nature lovers, since it has panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains Park.

Upon arrival, guests check-in at the Lodge before heading off to their accommodation or choosing a trip in the Lexus car range. Choose between two types of quarters: stone cottages (ranging from 1,200 to 1,475 square feet.) Or sentry houses (675 square feet.). 18 of them have their own open patio, wood-burning fireplace and soaking bath, and the last six have melirovanny wood, floor-to-ceiling windows and wood-burning stoves.

After settling, visitors can explore a variety of events at the Center, where learning cuisine, space for artistic crafts and a fitness center are awaited (complete with a basketball court and a covered wall for climbing). Take time for a morning massage at Nest, the underground spa with sauna, lounge and outdoor infinity pool, and then have breakfast or dine at the Firetower, a restaurant located on the top of the mountain, serving daily snacks such as tortillas, bowls, and mussels.

In addition, it combines outdoor activities, wellness and pleasure for guests. You can choose to go mountain biking, aerial yoga, boarding in a fitness camp or relaxing in a spa.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you are traveling in spring and summer, you will see the ground covered with flowers. In the fall, you will find golden, red and brown fall foliage. In winter, you will be amazed by snow-covered fields and icy waterfalls.