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Golden Herds: the 11 most expensive animals you could buy

Maria Sergeeva
January 30, 2018

People from all over the world are different. With different values, views, traditions and customs they seem to be generally connected by this one-size-fits-all love. The love for animals. The most popular videos on YouTube show cute animals, different people from different countries bequeath all of the fortune to their beloved cats, dogs or… hens.

When it comes to true animal lovers, they are ready to spend a fortune to offer themselves their coveted pet. Some are ready to pay for an unusual coloring, fur or breed, others for particular talents, intellectual abilities, or just want to never part with their best animal friend.

Green Monkey

Price: $16 million

Auctioned for $16,000,000 in 2009, Green Monkey is actually not a chimp but a thoroughbred American racehorse, fathered by another thoroughbred American racehorse, called Forestry. The horse is extremely rare and expensive because of its speed and beauty.

 According to a report by CNBC, the first time Green Monkey raced, he ran an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and hasn't been able to duplicate that speed ever since.

Sir Lancelot Encore 

Price: $155,000

Sometimes an extreme love and devotion to pets end up being expensive. Edgar and Nina Otto spent a huge sum in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned. 

The process began in 2008, when their 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer. They were prepared to the death of the beloved dog. When he died, the pain of loss was eased by a cloned yellow Labrador ‘Sir Lancelot Encore’ (encore meaning ‘more’ in French) which cost them $155,000. Whilst such purchases may sound as if they were taken from a science-fiction novel, Sooam, a company in South Korea has already cloned 600 dogs at a price of $100,000 per pet.

Cap –  the most expensive sheepdog

Price: £15,000 

A young sheepdog has been sold for a record-breaking price of £15,000 at auction. Cap, who is 16 months old, beat the previous record of £9,240 for a sheepdog sale, set in 2013. Such farm dogs usually command a price of around £2,000, but his previous owner could convince buyers to pay much higher than expected.  

Padraig Doherty, said Cap had a calming effect on sheep and had impressed potential buyers at trial. He showed off his skills in a "sparkling display" on the trial fields before bidders. The auctioneers said Cap had been "very well bred" and was related to a champion sheep-dog.

Miss Missy

Price: $1,2 million

Can you imagine a cow valued at $1,200,000? No? Then meet Miss Missy. She belongs to the Holstein breed of cows. She's a show cow with many winning titles to her name, ideally proportioned with the right-sized udder. Producing 50% more milk than an average cow, she is not only a pet, but an investment. The deal gives us a small glimpse into the world of cattle farming where millions often trade for strong breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff 

Price: $580,000

Always wanted a lion but afraid to become his breakfast? Buy a Tibetan Mastiffs, the world's largest dog for a mere $580,000. This amazing dog does not have a strong smell like the one often associated with common dogs. Tibetan Mastiffs were originally guard dogs, trained to protect livestock, palaces and monasteries back in the day. True-blooded Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and they can fetch a price that could put them in the two comma club. The last rare Tibetan Mastiff was sold for a whopping $1.5 million in 2011.

5. Cato, the most expensive domestic cat ever sold

Price: $41,435

Surprisingly, cats are not as as expensive as you could imagine. In 1998, a woman purchased a Bengal cat named Cato for $41,435 in London.  Usually, the most expensive cat breeds in the world cost from $950 to $20,000. A hybrid of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, Bengal cats have a high energy level, a wild-looking coat and are sold from $1,500 to $5,000.

White Lion Cubs

Price: $138,000

Their are less than 300 White Lion Cubs worldwide, and this small supply puts these adorable animals in high demand. Their rare color mutation coupled with unquestionable appeal have skyrocketed prices that zoos and reserves can pay to welcome one of these cubs. These white-eyed white lions can be found at the Sabona Wildlife reserve in South Africa and cost about $138,000. And even if you're ready to spend heavily on buying a White Lion, it may be higher to get to the top of the waiting list than you think.

A three inch Stag Beetle 

Price: $89,000

Have you ever thought that a tiny insect can cost $89,000? These insects belongs to the Lucanidae family that consist of 1200 classes of insects. Stag Beetles usually have such a high price because they are considered a collector’s item in some parts of the world. A three inch Stag Beetle, the most expensive one, sold by a Japanese breeder for $89,000 was particularly long in length, which explains its extraordinary price.

Lavender albino ball python

Price: $40,000

If you don’t like to spend much time caring after your pet, aren't afraid of snakes and want to impress your guests with an exotic resident at your house, the Lavender Albino Ball Python is a perfect choice. For $40,000, you can purchase this gorgeous snake known for its eye-catching yellow spots and lavender skin.

A 754 pound blue fin tuna 

Price: $396,000

A 754-pound blue fin tuna was sold for $396,000 in January 2011. A team of sushi vendors in Hong Kong and Tokyo bought the fish from Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. This tuna beat the 2001 record of $237,067. Extensively used in Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular fishes in sushi restaurants, blue fin tunas have recently been decreasing in numbers, and have been prohibited from restaurants as endangered species in countries such as Monaco.

Deveronvale Perfection

Price: $376,691

In 2009, a sheep named Deveronvale Perfection sold for $376,691 at a sale in Scotland. The farmer, Jerry Douglas, who purchased the sheep, said he Deveronval was the best sheep he had ever seen, and he just had to buy him. This sale beat the previous record of $334,293 set in Australia in 1989.


Price: $10,000

They are over 40 species of toucans in the world. Toucans' dark body with some red spread on its neck and its large and exotic colorful bills make this bird cost about $10,000. Toucans come from the Caribbean region, northern parts of South America and Southern Mexico. Thanks to their bright colorful beak, they can eat all kinds of nuts that might be poisonous for other birds. 

Photo via Wikipedia Commons / NJR ZA