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Four Seasons Resort in the Seychelles offers its guests an unrivaled experience

Dal Kikin
January 25, 2019

The resort of Four Seasons is located in the middle of the tropical jungle of Seychelles. Here you can spend holidays with your family, honeymoon or relax with a big company. In any case, an unforgettable vacation is guaranteed. Latest resort news in our review.

For newlyweds, the resort offers to participate in the Love Grows Beautiful Things experience, developed together with the WiseOceans Maritime Education Organization. You can put a fragment of coral on a metal support in the shape of a heart, land it in an underwater nursery of corals and thus invest in a project to restore the resort’s miniature reef.

“Couples cherish the romantic moments of their honeymoon, but this offer allows you to leave a small piece of your love that will grow in the ocean even after they leave the resort. This is a really important step for us, and I am sure that more and more couples will come back to check how their “coral baby” is growing, ”says Marcel Ostenbrink, resort manager.

In addition, the honeymoon package includes a 90-minute spa program for two, dinner at any of the resort’s restaurants and a romantic champagne breakfast in the villa.

The spa complex is located at an altitude of 76 meters above sea level in the bay of Petite Anse. From the windows of each of the five open pavilions overlooking the Indian Ocean and the bay. Here you can go wellness treatments and rituals based on traditional practices of the islanders. The local cosmetic brand Yi-King adheres to the ancient Chinese philosophy of elements, which aims to restore the balance between body and soul. In accordance with your date of birth, you will be selected an element, on the basis of which the therapists in the spa will select procedures and massages with preparations for you and prompt you on a suitable diet and optimal exercise.

In addition, a special menu of procedures Forever Young was developed at the resort especially for young guests (from 12 years of age). For example, a dad with a son can go for a neck and back massage, and a mom with a daughter can go for face treatments and a manicure together.