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Four Seasons Hotel Doha introduced a new gastronomic program Magic Dinner in the Desert

Dal Kikin
February 12, 2019

The magnificent Four Seasons Hotel Doha, awarded with many prestigious awards and located in the heart of the capital of Qatar, prepared for its guests a new gastronomic program, “Magic Dinner in the Desert”, which will allow you and your loved ones to experience the whole flavor of the desert and the mysterious culture of the East without leaving center of the metropolis.

An atmospheric dinner set up especially for you in a traditional Bedouin tent on the hotel’s private beach by the Persian Gulf is a unique offer available only to guests of Four Seasons Hotel Doha.

During dinner, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with traditional dishes and centuries-old tastes of Oriental cuisine. Arabian head chef Adnan Al Amari will personally cook the best Qatari dishes before your eyes. For example, chef Amari will spoil you with salami (Bedouin barbecue).

As a snack, you will be offered a variety of traditional meze, such as hummus and beetroot mutabel, eggplant babaganush, cucumber yogurt, sambusiki with meat and cheese, and roast lamb kebbe with yoghurt and mint sauce.

Photo: iStock/va103

Main dishes will include lamb with rice makbus and vegetables, a saloon of spicy meat with vegetable broth and al madruba with rice soaked in cardamom, and mashed beans.

The end of the dinner will be served with traditional desserts - Arabic cakes with melted butter and halavah, balalit with saffron, pudding from dates with pistachio ice cream and lukamat.

The tent in which your dinner will be held will be built in the best traditions of the Bedouins: you will be surrounded by amazing canvases with Arabic patterns, and the tent will be lit by a luxurious Arabian chandelier, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere right on the hotel’s beach. 

A bonfire will be lit for guests, which will add a special charm to the evening, and will treat you to Arabic coffee and tea.

The offer "Magic Dinner in the Desert" is valid throughout the year, except for the summer months. The cost of dinner is $ 1,700 for 4 persons. The cost of dinner for each additional guest is $ 275. The tent can accommodate up to 12 persons.