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Fiji becomes increasingly eco-friendly

Konstantin Sheiko
June 17, 2018

Best known for having the only overwater bungalows in Fiji, the excellence of Likuliku Lagoon Resort goes well beyond their luxury accommodations and five-star service. Awarded with numerous accolades for their superlative hospitality, this tranquil, adults-only oasis is also unique due their vested interest in conservation.

Through their various programs and ecological initiatives, Likuliku blazes the trail for sustainable tourism while providing a more pure and authentic experience for travelers. The buildings were constructed using locally sourced materials like bamboo, pandanus, and soga thatch. Not only does this serve to protect the environment, but it creates an ambiance that plays host to a more authentic guest experience.

This experience is accented by Likuliku’s farm-to-table culinary prowess, which includes healthy and organic dining. The secret to this fresh and fantastic dining is the use of locally sourced ingredients, some of which are grown in the resort’s very own garden.

Behind the restaurant, the staff at Likuliku cultivates various herbs like mint, basil, and dill. These are utilized by chefs to create flavorful salads and entrees that are often accompanied by shots of fresh pressed natural tonics. These herbs also decorate eggs, which are cooked to perfection and served in various styles along with the breakfast.

Guests also have access to a powerful juicer that’s surrounded by a generous spread of raw fruits and vegetables. Yet, the star of Likuliku’s breakfast is raw honey, which the resort collects from beehives by the garden. The bees benefit the island’s ecosystem by encouraging pollination. Meanwhile, by utilizing fresh ingredients that are grown in the garden along with additional ingredients sourced from local producers, Likuliku actively supports the surrounding community while minimizing the resort’s carbon footprint.

The resort is keen on educating guests about the island’s flora and fauna during the nature daily walks. Likuliku’s dry reforestation project aims to restore one of Fiji’s most vulnerable ecosystem by nurturing and planting its endemic trees. Launched in January of 2016, Likuliku’s dry reforestation project is a prototype. The dry reforestation program has been crucial to another one of the resort’s conservation projects, which is to save the Crested Iguana from extinction.

The people who work at Likuliku are also influential in maintaining a natural setting while incorporating what’s grown in the resort’s garden into fresh and delicious meal options. While guests staying at Likuliku Lagoon Resort enjoy superior service and dining, they can feel good about investing in a vacation that values and funds environmental conservation.

Photo iStock / vjimenezescribano