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Fascinating photos of the most remote tribes in the world. Part 2.

Dal Kikin
December 13, 2018

Photo: iStock/miroslav_1

We continue our photo essay about the most primitive living tribes on the planet, which Jimmy Nelson has been studying in recent years, creating incredible photos of the life of the most remote tribes.

With each of the tribes, the photographer lived for about two weeks. During this time, Nelson felt for himself the lives of these peoples, which allowed him to create beautiful and soulful images. He drove to the place of residence of the tribe with a guide or translator, after Nelson made contact with people, he remained alone in the village with his models. During his work, the photographer lived in the jungle, high in the mountains and on the river. All photos have common features - they are distinguished by a soft light, interesting accents, and the point of shooting, when the photographer was always placed below his characters.

“I was located below my models, not only because it’s better to shoot, it was also an important psychological moment. I was below them, showing my vulnerability and insecurity,” Nelson says . After he photographed the elders, and they liked the result of the work, it became easier to live and communicate with the tribes. Everyone praised him, watched photos and wanted to be photographed. Such confidence and mutual trust between the photographer and the model made the work more pleasant, and the result was better.

In recognition of the photographer, with his photographs, he does not encourage the public to return to tribal life, Nelson just wants to show the beauty and uniqueness of various nationalities, no matter what, whatever is preserved on our planet. The master believes that in each of the tribes there is something that we all should learn - this is unity with nature, and the ability to live in harmony with it.

Mursi, Ethiopia

Ladakh, India

Vanuatu, Vanuatu Islands

Drokpa, India

Dassanech, Ethiopia

Karo, Ethiopia

Banna, Ethiopia

Dani, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Maasai, Tanzania

Nenets, Russia

Photos: Jimmy Nelson's "Before They Pass Away"