Does money grow on trees? Come to New England and check  

Maria Sergeeva
October 24, 2017

Cash 4 Leaves is a website that is offering New England residents the chance to fall in love with autumn and especially with the fallen leaves.

This company is ready to pay $1 per maple leaf from "Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, or Connecticut" buying leaves in bundles of 100.

By the way, the task is not that easy.

To fit the requirements and get paid, you should select almost perfect leaves. Red, yellow, orange, or a combination of these colors the leaves must be free of bugs, tears, noticeable decay, or brown spots.

To show how important it is to meet the criteria, Cash 4 Leaves requires sending them the best 5 leafs’ to their email. If the bid is approved, they will sign the purchase agreement and buy 100 Maple Leaves. The ‘leaf collector’ is responsible for packaging each of them into an airtight and sealed bag. 

The company notes, it would cost you $15. Anyway, $75 of net profit for discovering the actual autumn beauty is a good extra bonus. The company reserves the right to return any Maple leaves that have been damaged in transit, or have dried out.

The aim of the leaf buyer is not to let you finally see how beautiful the fall is. In fact, the company makes craft supplies for, which creates leaf-themed gifts that range from pins to Christmas ornaments, so the leaves are used as raw materials.

The unusual demand is due to the fact that Massachusetts is lacking colorful leaves because of the abnormally warm weather and, according to the company website.

Here is an example of a Maple leaf Cash 4 Leaves has purchased.