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China to open world's largest indoor ski resort

Dal Kikin
September 20, 2018

China is set to built the world's largest indoor ski resort. Fans of winter entertainment will soon enjoy ski slopes without even leaving Shanghai.

It is reported that the ski resort will be the largest indoor winter resort and will be located on an area of 227,000 square meters. Recently, interest in sports has grown dramatically in China, leading the country to start working on the resort set to hold up to 90,000 people simultaneously. Planned in the New Pudong district, its aim is to attract 3.2 million visitors per year.

As for the design of the new ski complex, it was designed by the leading Italian architect Massimo Mercurio from the Singapore Mercurio Design Lab. The interior is said to draw inspiration from the European ski resorts, icebergs and the charm of the Alps.

"The timing for Wintastar Shanghai could not be better, with Chinese consumers yearning for travel, leisure, novel experiences, and winter sports being the next big thing in China because of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022," said Ms Ong Chih Ching, the executive chairman and executive director of KOP.

In addition to various ski activities and winter sports, the Vintastar building will also house a shopping complex, restaurants, cafes, bars, rest areas and even an Ice Hotel.