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Catalonia Route

Dal Kikin
December 17, 2018

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Costa Dorada (about 216 kilometers!) Is a chain of wide beaches-neighbors, where everyone has his own character, appearance and temperament. Sometimes calm, sometimes lonely, sometimes luxurious, but certainly not indifferent. Those who have found here the ideal “cala” (as translated as “bay”, “gulf”), return to it again, and again, and again, calling it by habit “their own”. In the cool season, when the stream of sunbathing tourists dries up (by the way, the tan in this part of Spain is, however, pleasant chocolate, not reddish) beaches and walks along the rocks help to find inspiration and peace of mind that few popular resort places can broadcast.

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Since November, in the vicinity of the province of Tarragona overlooking the best sunsets in the country, and the local weather is ideal for year-round recreation. Among the advantages: fine golden sand, which leaves the coastal waters clean, shallow depth near the coastline and a large number of warm currents. Season here lasts from late May to mid-October. The surrounding landscape is also impressive - the “halo habitat” of vineyards and mountain ranges. “Tearing the Heart Out” the names of the favorite places: Cala Fonda, Cala Crancs, Cala Virde and Cala Calafató.

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The place called Cambrils is not just the capital of the coast, but one of the main gastronomic destinations in Europe. Among themselves, the inhabitants of this city call the local food "the apogee of Mediterranean cuisine", which is officially declared the intangible heritage of mankind. Cambrils has the largest number of restaurants per square kilometer, two of which - Can Bosch and El Rincón De Diego literally this week re-enter the most prestigious gastronomic guide Michelin. Take this opportunity to order seafood (there are excellent shrimps and mussels here!) And be sure to try the special culinary pride of the region - “stewed” red tuna.

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By conversation about gastronomy, each region of Spain traditionally teases over its neighbors on the part of the performance of the main dish of the country - paella. Letting go to Valencia or even Madrid is a joke that they prepare the usual “rice with additives”, which has nothing to do with the national treasure. But even among gourmet bastards, the language does not turn to find fault with the local paella mixta with seafood, vegetables and meat. In Cambrils, she is, indeed, beyond praise.

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Well, since you have already come here for lunch, in the vicinity of the village you can visit the castle of Knights Templar Miravet, which stands on the banks of the Ebro River.

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If everyone knows more or less about the rich cultural heritage of Barcelona, ??then Tarragona is mainly reached during the season with a vacation, which is called “travel”. We are sure that this impressive city requires a special stop and a weekend. This is a real open-air museum!

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For example, here is an impressive archaeological discovery - the Devil's Bridge, one of the best-preserved aqueducts of the peninsula. Or a vast section of the Roman amphitheater, dated II century n. e. and the only one in the world, located by the sea. These and other local wonders (for example, the ruins of an ancient circus) are part of the archaeological site of Tarraco, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not forget to take a walk to the old fishing quarter of Serrallo, near which is located the main observation deck - the "Mediterranean balcony". According to legend, the person who touches the railing is surely the most wonderful and happy way to return here again.