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Big and Kind: 5 Best Whale-Sailing Tours

Dal Kikin
January 16, 2019

Photo: iStock/Baptiste Le Bouil

A good holiday today is more than horizontal static on a lounge chair with a 9-degree drink in your hands. What about the expedition to the unique regions of cetaceans? See for killer whales, humpback, gray, bowhead and blue whales and beluga whales.

The backdrop is the wonderful landscapes of Kamchatka, the islands of Sri Lanka and the Azores, Norway or the Kingdom of Tonga. However, now we intend to tell you about each of them in detail.


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To see one of the most beautiful places in Russia, you need to go to the very edge of a huge country, to the volcanic abode - Kamchatka. Washed by the Sea of ??Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, Kamchatka is a variety of natural phenomena: the snow peaks encircle the landscape covered with mountain rivers, and the local flora and fauna resemble a giant nature reserve. The tour starts from Russkaya Bay, and then moves to the north, to the rocky and severe Cape Shipunsky, which hides many natural attractions. Seeing active volcanoes, overcoming hot springs and a campground at Cape Green, you will reach the ultimate goal of the trip: swimming with the most beautiful (and very touchy) whale in the world - orca.

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has prepared so many adventures for you that would be enough for one more series of “Indiana Jones”. The turquoise shore of Trincomalee will meet you; he will begin the further journey, in which you will have to get acquainted with ancient ruins, go diving on Pigeon Island, go on a Kaudulla safari and see the world's largest one-time concentration of elephants (up to 200 individuals), and climb the cliff plateau in the center islands Sigiriya. The Sri Lanka tour provides an extensive whale-sailing program - 26 cetacean species inhabit here. Among them, the most famous representatives of the sea giants are blue whales and sperm whales. However, in addition to these “grains”, you will be able to see dolphins, turtles and the famous “sea devil” manta (a type of giant-sized rays).

Photo: iStock/Nuwan Liyanage

You can read more about Sri Lanka in our special article: Sri Lanka Travel Guide


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One of the most untouched places on the planet by the civilization - the Kingdom of Tonga - still carries the historical spirit of navigation. In this woven archipelago of dozens of small islands in the Pacific, all the best that exotic vacation has to offer is gathered. In this place, the female whales swim to give birth and in November swim to Antarctica. Therefore, in addition to walks on the SUV through the jungle, of course, you can swim with the whales. And you will witness how they are born.

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Photo: iStock/kjekol

Norway is one of the most unique places on the planet, the personification of the beauty of the north, the country of the northern lights, the cradle of landscape gloss and economic well-being. We can talk about this country a lot, resorting to the most sophisticated epithets, but nothing will convey the charm of Norway better than a trip to this country. Since Norway is a maritime country, traveling through it primarily involves extensive interaction with aquatic fauna. Huge shoals of herring, flocks of black dolphins (grinds), numerous seabirds - this is only one side of the water excursion along the Norwegian coast. And the second is walking with whales and killer whales, the benefit of which is enough in Norway. Finals, saves, minke whales - if you first hear about them (like us), then this is another argument to go to the Norwegian tour. Another interesting sight is how the whales hunt. Yes, you probably say that krill (small crustaceans) do not need to hunt. We answer: it is necessary. Whales, plunging to a depth, exhale the air, which rises to the surface with numerous bubbles. Crustaceans are scared, they pack together. In general, it is necessary to watch. Therefore, rather to Norway, until the whales stopped eating breakfast.

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The Azores can rightly be called the culmination of our list, because this is the place to go, in the first place to watch the whales. Although in fairness it should be noted that here and besides whales there is something to see. The beauty of this archipelago with its monumental peaks, dense forests and architectural cliffs can enchant even the most stagnant urbanist. And the saturated whale program, in addition to everything, fully justifies the many hours of flight and other related costs. An expedition in a private boat along the crowded sperm whales, safes, fin whales, humpback whales or dolphins is a sight as beautiful as it is amazing. Together with an excursion to the islands of San Miguel, Faial and Pico with their virgin landscape and cinematic panoramas, the Azores become a bold italic in the list of international tours.

Photo: iStock/HomoCosmicos