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Autonomous Travel Suite is a Self-driving hotel on wheels

Dal Kikin
February 5, 2019

If this project materialized, it could create many shadows for traditional hotels. Business travelers from all over the world have something in common: they want to save time and stay in accommodation that meets their needs. Here is a revolutionary project for the business travel industry. The concept has never seen and which we, of course, could not imagine! Remove your trailers, go to the future with a separate hotel room, which charges much more pleasantly than in camping!

Freed from the stress of driving, business travelers will gain valuable time with autonomous vehicles. And the trip will be even more comfortable and enjoyable if the project of a car with independent driving, developed by the design firm Aprilli from Ontario, is realized!

Many statistical studies are published every year for business travelers, because this is a very profitable clientele for the industry. A recent study found that 47% of motorists around the world will benefit from autonomous car trips to “sleep and rest.” Design Studio Aprilli Design Studio imagined self-contained hotel rooms.

The concept, called Autonomous Travel Suite, contains in its cabin a bed, a workspace and a bathroom. During his travels, the business traveler will be able to sleep, work or refresh himself, as if he was already in his hotel room. These rooms will be managed and maintained by an autonomous hotel chain, which is based on a network of facilities. to vehicles between two trips. These units will also offer clients services such as restaurants, a spa, gym, meeting facilities or a swimming pool.

Tours can be booked online or via the mobile app. However, the booking is far from being open. The project, which won the radical innovation award in 2018, does not yet have a launch date. He remains at the project stage, but he is very promising. Like any good innovation, the cost of using it will determine its viability in the market.

The design includes a sleeping area (with a memory foam mattress), a work area, a small kitchen, a toilet, a shower and an “entertainment area”, as well as panoramic windows that can darken to sleep or remain safe. ATS is controlled by an application that calculates the best route to the destination. It can also be connected to the “parent” number (a more traditional hotel system with gyms, swimming pools and business amenities).

ATS is designed to travel from six to ten hours and will work on electricity or hydrogen batteries. At the moment, they are still in the conceptual phase, but Lee hopes that his ideas will be implemented in the real world (cities on the east and west coast of the United States) in the next decade or so.

These ATSs will certainly mark a huge change in the way we travel. People can relax and continue their work or enjoy the company of their companions, moving from one point to another (or even just sleeping in a car). ATS electric will also allow travelers who care about the environment to see most of the country without worrying about the carbon footprint of long car or gas trips. It remains to be seen how practical they are and how long it will take before they become a reality.