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7 amazing places to watch the most beautiful sunsets

Dal Kikin
December 20, 2018

Photo: iStock/IreneuszB

Sunset is one of the most beautiful time of day, and one of the most romantic. If you are a true romantic and love to enjoy the magic of nature - this selection is for you.

Serengeti, Tanzania

Photo: iStock/pcruciatti

The birthplace of the Lion King magic Tanzania wins the heart of a tourist mass of national parks with a Darwinian variety of animals and exotic African life. If you are lucky, you will meet the sunset in the company of some elephants, zebras or rhinos.

Amsterdam canals, Netherlands

Photo: iStock/Noppasin Wongchum

One of the main attractions of Amsterdam are its numerous canals, which divide the city into 90 islands. Of course, there are many ideal places to watch the sunset.

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

Photo: iStock/DonLand

When the rays of the setting sun rush along the steep slopes of this inactive volcano, it shines like a gem on a blackened landscape.

Taj Mahal, India

Photo: iStock/P_Malik

Every time you think of the Taj Mahal, your imagination probably draws a blue sky and a large number of tourists. Of course, this wonderful sight is beautiful during the day, but the moment when the sun goes down is just incredible.

Barcelona, Spain

Photo: iStock/Charlie Gardiner Photography

Bunker Del Carmel is one of the best viewing platforms in Barcelona with a 360 degree view. From here you can see all the local sights, the sea and the famous Montjuic mountain. Not surprisingly, the sunsets here are among the most atmospheric in Europe.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Photo: iStock/HPS-Digitalstudio

It is known that Bora Bora is one of the most incredibly beautiful places on Earth, and the sunset makes it even more incredible.

Sicily, Italy

Photo: iStock/philou1000

Of course, for many people the most beautiful sunsets are associated with the beach. The spectacle, when the sun sets over the water horizon, leaving a vivid trace of the passing day on the water, is truly incredibly romantic.