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245 days: Viking offers the Ultimate World Cruise

Nadja Beschetnikova
May 7, 2018

Viking Ocean Cruises will travel through six continents, 59 countries, 113 ports with a total of 23 overnights in 245 days in 2019. The Viking Sun will leave London on 31 August, starting a voyage almost twice as long as the company's previous world voyages. The ship will circumnavigate the globe and collect more travel milestones during one cruise than most people do in a lifetime. 

As a rule, cruises around the world last about four months, i.e. around 115 to 130 days depending on the shipping company. Viking Ocean Cruises pioneers the absolutely new concept launching a trip, which is twice as long as conventional world cruises. The Ultimate World Cruise will be longer, more spectacular and more eventful than any cruise ship ever before.  

Among the absolute highlights of the Ultimate World Cruise are Rio de Janeiro, Ushuaia, Hobart, Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai and Luxor.  
930 passengers will be able to leave all their cares behind and enjoy a high-end service on board. Those who have no other plans for eight months must also have at least $92,990 to afford the cruise. Otherwise, interested parties can also book the trip in sections, e.g. the trip World Treasures in 127 days from London to Los Angeles or World Wonders in 119 days from Los Angeles to London for about half that cost.

The vessel boasts all amenities which should make a long trip comfortable, including a gorgeous infinity pool at the stern, private balconies for every cabin, and a thermal spa with a snow grotto.

According to Viking Cruises, passengers will enjoy many exclusive services such as Business Class airfare, free luggage shipping, and unlimited Wi-Fi.

Photo: Courtesy Viking Cruises