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10 reasons to visit Nepal

Dal Kikin
October 21, 2018

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This Asian state is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination due to its amazing nature and mass of attractions. Mystical Nepal is famous as a center of spirituality in Asia, and those who are looking for a way come here from all over the world to meditate and absorb the unique atmosphere of this place.

Those who do not yearn for enlightenment, too, are going - to admire the beautiful mountains, stunning temples and ancient pagodas. The most hectic come to Nepal for exotic excursion programs, stunning trekking and rafting.

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Eight of the world's highest peaks, including Everest and Lambini, the birthplace of Buddha Shakyamuni, Prince Gautama, are located on the territory of this small country sandwiched between Tibet and India.

Nepal is a very secluded, even detached place, and it is not for everyone. The minimum height above sea level here is 100 m, but most of Nepal is high mountainous. It is difficult to breathe without training and not easy to move.

1. Annapurna

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This mountain range in the Himalayas, the highest of the peaks of which is the same-eight-thousand-meter mountain, is world-famous for its hiking trails. In Annapurna, you should definitely visit the lake town of Pokhara, a wonderful place for its natural beauty, which gained fame as one of the best mountain resorts in the country. In addition, the Annapurna National Park is located, which is famous for its Tibetan temples, monasteries and hot mineral springs.

2. Great Mountains

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Nepal is the world's highest mountain system: here are 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, and here is the highest point on the planet - Mount Everest. All this natural splendor attracts climbers, climbers and people seeking adventure. Trekking in Nepal - the dream of every lover of hiking in the mountains.

The best seasons for trekking in Nepal are March-April, when the time of spring bloom comes. In addition, the high season here begins in October, when you can admire the autumn forests and clear skies, and lasts until December. In the summer, you should not go on trekking, as the monsoon season falls at this time.

3. Adventures

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Nepal is a great place for adventure seekers. Here you will be offered a choice of mountaineering, hiking and trekking, rafting, safaris for wildlife enthusiasts, ballooning, paragliding, jumping on an elastic rope and many other types of active entertainment.

4. UNESCO heritage

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Nepal has four sites from the UNESCO World Heritage List. These are amazing places with unique cultural and historical charm. Here you can visit ancient temples, monasteries and other sights to fully experience the culture of Asia and the Himalayas.

5. Lakes

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In the expanses of Nepal there are more than two hundred lakes of glacial origin. And why do you need the sea when there are such natural oases with surprisingly clear water?

Numerous lakes of Nepal are known not only for their outstanding beauty, but also for their spiritual value. The reservoirs lost in the mountains with surprisingly clear water are considered to be places of power, on the banks of which Nepalese shamans or people searching for sacred meaning gather.

6. Height differences

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Nepal is the only country in the world where elevation changes vary from 60 meters to more than 8 thousand meters above sea level. This feature of local relief allows you to get a unique travel experience that will not leave anyone indifferent.

7. Cultural Diversity

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More than 35 different ethnic groups call Nepal their home. And this means that in this amazing country many beliefs, languages, cultural and musical directions coexist. Nepal is a wonderful place where you can immerse yourself in different cultures and leave the familiar comfort zone. Nepal is the only place in the world where people worship the living goddess - Kumari.

8. Cuisine

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Although the cuisine of Nepal has absorbed the unique cooking traditions of the two neighboring regions - India and Tibet, Nepalese dishes are usually healthier, with more lean meats and vegetarian dishes. Also, lentils, tomatoes, cumin, potatoes, yogurt and garlic are often used here. And the most important thing is that you can eat on the background of amazing natural landscapes.

9. Kathmandu Valley

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Kathmandu Valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is composed of seven different zones of attractions. These zones include urban centers with palaces, temples and the oldest known Buddhist monument, which was built in the third century.

10. Calmness

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Nepal has been regarded as a sacred place for hundreds of years. The calm of this country will have a positive influence on anyone who is able to experience it. People, buildings and land - everything here is a symbol of peace and silence. In Nepal, you can really escape from the bustle of the world and make a union with nature.