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Yota 3: the dual screen phone launches in China

BEAM Staff
October 16, 2017
Russian telecom company, Yota has recently launched its third phone, the Yota3 as part of a joint venture with a Hong Kong investment firm. The main selling point of the device is the fact it has two screens one in the front and one in the back that virtually never runs out of battery.

The company's 3rd attempt to popularize smartphones with two screens, the Yota3 features an 1080p Samsung AMOLED screen on the front with a fingerprint reader and a 13 megapixel camera. On the other hand is the Yota3's most interesting feature, a 720p E Ink Carta II display. Prices for the model start at $560.

Coming in three versions with a 64GB base model at $560 and a 128GB model at $655, the success the Yota3 could have in China is still uncertain for analysts. 

"The mobile phone market in particular is heavily dependent on channels and operators as well as big marketing budgets and it's not an easy one to crack" said Bryan Ma, devices research VP at IDC. "Existing devices got better in extending battery life and speeding up charging speeds, while other devices like e-readers and wearables also helped satiate many of the use cases that the YotaPhone was pitching."

Launched in 2013 by Yota in Russia whose main business is in telecom, the YotaPhone's main innovation was the introduction of an electronic ink display on the back, which could be used even when the battery ran out. Later that year, Yota was acquired by telecom provider, Megafon for $1,18 billion.