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Smart shower heats your water up obeying digital commands

Konstantin Sheiko
January 24, 2018

Smart digital technologies have created a stellar generation of ‘smart’ household devices. In turn, these products have changed our lives. Now there is a ‘smart’ way to store your products, wash, iron, and fold your laundry, drive a car, play golf, working out – this list goes on. Well, you can add one more activity; now you can take ‘smart’ showers using the voice control system. 

Imagine not having to adjust the temperature and water pressure in your home shower ever again? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about the settings control, and have a magic device at your disposal that sets up presets for different shower types and durations? The US-based, Moen of kitchen and bathroom faucets has finally tackled the concept of connected showers with the aim of improving the overall showering experience. The result is the Wi-Fi-enabled and cloud-based “U by Moen Smart Shower”.

Now you have your own digital assistant whose only responsibility will be helping out with your morning and evening showering routines. At CES 2018, Moen announced it is adding support for both Alexa and Siri, the latter via Apple's HomeKitits. Utter the command, and your shower will heat up to your ideal temp before you even enter your bathroom, while stopping the shower and pausing it are just as easy. With the help of the connected app, you can set the perfect temperature and save your settings for future use. This way, the shower will know all of your preferences. The same app will always notify you when your shower is ready. It’s the perfect smart addition to any modern household.

Perhaps you think that a voice-controlled shower is entirely unnecessary or even slightly ridiculous. Once you start using it its convenience might just grow on you. You can have the luxury of your shower running hot and ready for you as you undress after an arduous day at work or a strenuous workout. As a parent, you can program the water to turn off after a certain length of time if you need to hurry along any household teenagers. All of it achieved with an awesome power of your voice commands.

The “U” has a digital water valve for precise, thermostatic temperature control. You can select temperatures from 60 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The two versions control either two or four shower devices such as showerheads, body sprays, and hand showers. All the settings can be configured manually in the shower for two preset profiles using seven buttons on the two-outlet version and nine on the four-outlet shower.

With the “U by Moen” smartphone app, you can configure another twelve separate presets, assigning names, greetings, temperature, shower duration, and notifications. For example, you might have presets for waking up, for relaxing at the end of the day, for post-workout, for other family members, or any other type of shower you wish to configure.

The U has a 5-inch LCD screen for shower status feedback based on colors — as the water warms or cools, the screen cycles through colors until it turns white, which means it’s reached the requested temperature. It will also signal completion with a tone and send an alert to your phone if you configured that way.

The U has a battery backup on the 30-foot data cable between the shower valve and the controller. This will keep the water from turning icy cold in the instance of a power outage, for example. According to Moen, the system was also designed to keep the connections between the smartphone app, the cloud, and the shower’s digital controller secure.

You might want to check what app you will be using to control the shower (Alexa and Siri) since buying a new controller to get the best version is a steep ask. The smart shower is pricey; the two-outlet version of the device costs $1,160 and the four-outlet version is $2,200. However, if you are into the idea of a luxury shower Moen's offering looks pretty smart, although the competition is also evolving fast.