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Rolls Royce portable cocktail hamper costs more than a BMW i3 model

Konstantin Sheiko
April 10, 2018

Rolls-Royce, the English luxury carmaker, has created a portable cocktail hamper for the boot of your car. Limited-edition cocktail hamper - which is sort of a portable drinks globe, includes paring knife, platinum-rimmed glasses, decanter, shaker, and is complete with tumblers, ice bucket, bottle opener, cocktail sticks, jigger, muddler, crusher, atomiser, strainer, and a chopping board.  

It is hand-crafted using walnut wood and natural grain leather that is also found in some of the Rolls-Royce vehicles. And that is not just any leather; Rolls-Royce won't use female cowhides because of stretchmarks from pregnancy. And all the bulls have to be sourced from high altitude locations so the skin has not been pierced by mosquito bites.   

There is a walnut wood muddler and fine cotton napkins. The upper tier contains four tumblers, four decanters and a shaker adorned in golden sand coloured leather bearing the RR logo. The glasses are blown by royal crystal glassmaker Theresienthal using a beechwood moulding process. Each is rimmed with platinum, and takes a month to complete.  

According to said Gavin Hartley, head of bespoke design Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, “Each motor car that we craft represents a deeply personal expression of individual customer tastes and lifestyles. Rolls-Royce’s extraordinary scope for personalisation extends far beyond the car itself through an Accessories Collection, featuring exceptional objects designed to augment the lifestyles of the marque’s customers. This beautifully executed cocktail hamper illustrates the marque’s intimate understanding of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world - Rolls-Royce customers.”   

The very idea is, of course, completely absurd - and makes the perfect gift for that extraordinarily rich person in your life who has absolutely everything, assuming that you are extraordinarily rich as well. The Rolls-Royce luxury hamper is stunning. And it is stunningly rare - there will only be fifteen cocktail hampers produced, available for purchase through the marque’s one hundred thirty dealerships across the globe. And it is also stunningly expensive - with an eye-watering price tag of US$46,328, and that does not include alcohol.  

Just a friendly comparison - if you have $46,000 lying around, you can buy a lot of things: a BMW i3. Four field box season tickets to the Red Sox. Roughly 15,436 boxes of Double Stuf Oreos from Amazon - that's 463,080 cookies, enough to last quite a while. But those are all entirely too plebeian. You deserve better.