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Hadoro releases exclusive OnePlus 6

BEAM Staff
September 9, 2018

Hadoro Paris, the leading tech customisation company, has introduced a new exclusive edition of the OnePlus 6. Developed with a special new type of carbon fibre, its shell features a wave-like pattern.

Manufactured at the Hadoro atelier, the smartphone has 36 layers of carbon fiber coupled with aircraft aluminium, in a material that the company now calls Aero Damascus Carbon. Unique in its design, the exclusive edition developed together with OnePlus gets the phone manufacturer into the luxury smartphone space with a price tag of €2,700.

Amongst its standout features, a glowing OnePlus logo at the back of the phone as well as the possibility for a personal engraving at the side of the phone. The model is even more historic in that the OnePlus 6 had initially debuted at Nous Paris, a concept store operated by 21st Luxury, the same holding company as Hadoro Paris.

Founded in 2013 by Carl Pei and Pete Lau in China in 2013 with strong backing from their former employer, Oppo Electronics, the company introduced its first smartphone in 2014. Revealed earlier this year, the OnePlus 6 became the company's 8th model and highest selling smartphone, with a strong fan base in India. Over 1 million units of the phone have been sold in 22 days after its launch in May.

Featuring a 256GB memory, the Hadoro edition OnePlus 6 is currently for sale at €2,700, a more affordable option than the customised iPhone Xs the company sells at €4,500 with alligator skin.