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Hadoro launched a collection of Samsung S9/S9+ with customized housings

Konstantin Sheiko
June 7, 2018

For this summer season Hadoro is proud to announce the release of the first custom-made version of Samsung S9 and S9+.

This is the first in the world, and the first for Hadoro Android-based device that has a customized housing made from premium materials. Staying true to its signature style, Hadoro offers both Samsung 9 and 9+ in several designs with the implementation of the in-house developed innovative materials and exotic leathers. 

It is pivotal to accentuate that Hadoro has created a brand new product for its customers - a customized telephone housing, uniquely designed and hand crafted out of premium materials. It is not a mundane telephone case that we buy to protect our devices from any potential damage, but a luxuriously upgraded one-of-a-kind mobile phone.        

The custom phones have the same technical and physical parameters as the original ones. An extremely durable custom carbon fiber housing undergoes several production stages and is manually polished. It is specifically designed not to add extra weight and size to the device.

The collection includes Samsung S and S+ clad in Damascus carbon fibre. The customized housing of this item is made from one piece of multi-layered carbon fiber, while its wave-like pattern and tactile feel are reminiscent of the famed Damascus steel swords. The collection also includes Samsung S and S+ with a genuine alligator leather panel, framed in carbon fiber. The item is available in black, navy blue and green leather.

The company designs, sources, and crafts by hand the world’s finest personal accessories, ensuring that every decision and every detail is an exquisite expression of the person who chooses to carry an Hadoro creation. This customized approach has been Hadoro’s signature style since the company’s inception, favourably differentiating Hadoro from its competitors. 

Hadoro vision is to combine the excellence of high technology to the precision and the beauty of fine jewelry, leading to the creation of fully customized personal tech accessories. The company’s core philosophy is to transform everyday work and entertainment devices into pieces of art, adorning their owners and affirming their successful lifestyle. 

Designed with precious materials such as alligator skin, 18-carat gold and VVS diamonds, as well as silver, titanium, and fine leathers, Hadoro exquisite collections of custom iPhone and Samsung S9/S9+ and accessories are hand-assembled at the company's atelier in Besançon, France. 

Prices for the series start at €2,900 per phone and go up to €3,600. 

Hadoro collection