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Would you live in an apartment overlooking the world?

Nadja Beschetnikova
March 13, 2018

Who did not dream of becoming a pirate in childhood? Or a brave captain? The main point is to sail away to the distant shores in search of adventure.

If life on the ship is incredibly exciting for you but the usual cruises seem too fussy and cannot satisfy your craving for the sea, then you should pay attention to MS The World, the largest privately owned residential ship on the planet, which was launched in 2002. Since launching, the ship has sailed over 650,000 nautical miles.

A home that takes you all around the globe complies with the highest luxury travel standards.

The impressive 196.35 metres ship with 12 decks boasts 165 residences (106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studios).

For most owners, The World serves as a three- or four-month vacation retreat, few live full-time on the ship, and some rent out their apartments from time to time.

“The type of people who buy here have private jets. They collect art. This is not their only residence,” said Lisa Spiller, residential director of The World.

The ticket price ranges from USD$1million for studio flats to up to $13million for top suites.

But before you can order one you'll have to prove your net worth exceeds $10 million. Another 10 percent to 15 percent of the purchase price will be charged for annual maintenance and other fees based on your apartment size. Basically, a diverse group of residents from 19 countries owns their individual residences, but collectively, they own the ship. The demand is big: for certain rooms, there’s a waiting list. But the experience is worth it to wait.

How could one miss a possibility to explore the whole world literally without leaving a home?

The ship's route changes every year but one thing remains the same: passengers always get a unique chance to visit the most unusual and exotic places on the planet.

This year's itinerary includes stops in South America, Cape Verde, Western and Northern Europe and St. Helena. This year’s journey began in Miami and will end on the southern tip of Africa, where the residents will welcome the new year.

The traveling plan for 2019 is already scheduled and barely leaves a passionate globetrotter indifferent. Residents & Guests will spend the winter months exploring the fascinating cultures of Sri Lanka, India, Oman, and Israel. After enjoying springtime in the Mediterranean, the passenger will head towards the entrancing nordic beauty of Iceland and Greenland.

The journey to Greenland is one of the exclusive expeditions offered onboard. The World’s service knows that the sophisticated audience can hardly be surprised only by restaurants and pools, so passengers are offered a unique program of rare excursions.

Guests aboard The World can visit Antarctica, where they’ll be greeted by numerous penguin colonies, or experience the breathtaking coast of South Africa and the intriguing islands that lie well off the mainland in the middle of the Atlantic. At the end of 2019, The World will arrive in Hong Kong just in time for the city’s glorious New Year’s Eve celebration.

Already overwhelmed by impressions? Hold on, the life onboard is not less exciting. After the tourist adventures, it's time to go to meet the culinary adventures. Each of six onboard dining venues is a territory with treasures that await to be found.

Connoisseurs of good wine will also not be disappointed. The collection was a winner of the World of Fine Wine’s Best Ship Award in 2015 and 2016, while a gastronomic diversity can satisfy every taste.

The Ship’s four main restaurants include East (eclectic Asian delights), Marina (prime steaks and seafood), Portraits (haute cuisine), and Tides (Mediterranean cuisine with the Northern Italian flair). Additional dining choices are Fredy’s Deli (a casual café and gourmet market that gets stocked with local produce in every port) and the Poolside Grill.

If you’re worried that you’ll put on weight, enjoying a laidback lifestyle and tasty food, you should just cast a glance over the list of activities and your worries will be gone. Daily exercise and yoga classes will keep you fit.

There's a wide choice: from the refined golf and cricket to 24/7 fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment and spa-center. The highlight: the world’s only full-size tennis court at sea. Taking a one-year journey you’ll have a plenty of time to improve your skills.

For a relaxed evening, there is a cigar room, a card and billiard room, a library with over 4,000 books, newspapers downloaded daily, travel guides and movie DVD. You don’t even have to give up your hobby! Or you can try your hand at creativity if you always wanted this but did not have enough time in everyday routine.

There’re several workshops onboard, where you can learn knitting and crocheting, or do painting. With a picturesque scenery outside, there will be no shortage of sources of inspiration. And don't worry, you’ll be able to share your creations on your Instagram. The World provides internet access in each residence.

There are basically two types of accommodation onboard: one- and two-bedroom studios and two- and three-bedroom residences. The studios combine the intimacy of an apartment with the comfort and convenience of en-suite bathrooms and a separate lounge/kitchenette area and living space, while residences boast full-size kitchens, spacious living and dining areas and ample verandas.

The cozy interiors designed with soothing neutral tones and a classic contemporary décor gives a pleasant feeling of home comfort.

Though Knut U. Kloster, a man behind the idea of The World, who is known as well as a co-founder of Norwegian Caribbean Line, may face competition soon, and his monopoly on the residential ships market will be broken. The World is not enough.

Another luxury residential ocean liner, Utopia, will be breaking the waves soon. The 296 m ship with 190 residences and a 175-room hotel is to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

There were financial troubles, but the Frontier Group, the main investor of the project, said that construction will be continued in 2018. The estimated price of the project is US$1.1 billion. The launch of the ship is expected in 2021.

Well, with these inputs, we may expect quite utopian prices for the residence.

What’s your opinion? Would you exchange your apartment for one of these luxury cabins?