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Tony Stark's actual Iron Man mansion goes up for sale

Dal Kikin
September 18, 2018

Tony Stark’s actual house is up for sale! If you always dreamed of feeling like Iron Man and living in the luxurious mansion of one of the Avengers, then this is your chance. Called The Razor House, the estate is located in La Jolla, California, and not in Malibu, as it was in the script of the film. It is worth noting that the exterior of Tony Stark's house xwas completely fictional, but the interior is real and all the interior scenes were shot in this mansion. The mansion is now being marketed at $30,000,000.

Lets look outside the home of Iron Man designed by one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers Wallace E. Cunningham:

A minimalist style of combining glass and stone, stretching the entire length of a 6,100 foot terrace in the open air with harmonious lighting, allows you not to be distracted from an extraordinary panoramic view from a steep cliff to the Pacific Ocean from almost anywhere in the mansion. Transparent glass walls of which look amazing at any time of the day, combined with an amazing luxurious interior of polished white concrete and stainless steel and vast expanses of comfortable spaces, as well as a luxurious pool ending in the ocean.

Inside the mansion of the Iron Man, you will find an amazingly luxurious interior of the living room: stone floors, combined with massive furniture, stained-glass windows and suede walls.

Tony Stark’s actual house has two Master suites with accompanying master baths including showers, freestanding tubs & wardrobes; two bedrooms, two baths, a screening room, a well-equipped kitchen with VetroStone engineered stone surfaces (countertops, integral sinks and accent walls) and gym, a glass elevator leads up to a rooftop deck where you’ll find a spa and custom, built-in grill. For visitors, the property also offers a separate two-bedroom guest house.

Perhaps all that a playboy-billionaire philanthropist would like to have in E. Cunningham's design of The Razor House.