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Look inside the common past of Gwen Stefani and JLo

Nadja Beschetnikova
February 6, 2018

With a new man, you need a new love nest.
That might be a Gwen Stefani's thought when she decided to drop her Beverly Hills house.

Stefani bought the house with (now ex-husband) Gavin Rossdale for $13.25 million in 2006.

Within the last 18 years, the cost of the estate strikingly increased. Jennifer Lopez, who lived there in the early 00s, paid $4.3 million, Sam Nazarian, the nightclub mogul, purchased the property for $11 million in 2004.

The estate features a 12,000-square-foot main residence with seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as well as a guesthouse overlooking the San Fernando Valley.
If you have $35 million burning a hole in your pocket, you can call it home. The singer and her former spouse are set to make a huge profit if it sells for its listing price.

Stefani is now dating Blake Shelton, an American country singer-songwriter, who she met as a judge on “The Voice". Probably these sweet memories attracted her again to take place in the big red chair as a coach in its twelfth season. On screen she did compete with Shelton to coach contestants to victory, but in real life the couple seems to have nothing to quarrel over, and enjoy together a romantic beach escape in sunny Mexico or a family trip to Super Bowl. 

The megamansion has remarkable architecture. But which luxurious estate doesn't? We are no longer surprised by the huge bizzare-shaped pools or a dozen of bathrooms.

Our special interest in the celebrities' houses is not about accurate information on square meters or neighborhood, which may be interesting for the brokers.

Looking through the brightly colored pictures we want to learn more about the personality.
And Stefani's house, dubbed The Summit, represents the nature and style of the former owner as well as possible.  

The former No Doubt lead singer did hire celebrity interior designer Kelly Wearstler to craft the home’s dramatic interiors. The result was an eccentric mixture of different styles, textures, and colors with some freaky details like the rhino statue at the end of a  hallway. Stefani could easily use the oversize interiors as a set for her fierce music videos.

The interiors will delight everyone who is obsessed with geometrical ornaments and modern art influences. The designer, who is known for her affinity for the Memphis art group, definitely drew her inspiration from such movements as Art Deco and Pop Art.

Walking through the rooms one may temporarily forget about the relaxing feeling of homely home. This house looks like it was uprooted from some modern art gallery in Manhatten.

Forget hygge! You will be watching your favorite series, sitting on the hot pink sofa and cooking your scrambled egg in the black and white-striped kitchen.

It's hard to find any surface which is not covered in bold geometric patterns. They are everywhere: on curtains, walls, rugs and even a bed frame.

Either Gwen Stefani and Kelly Wearstler have a common taste, or the designer got a creative freedom, but the interior has a lot of marble — a favorite material of Wearstler. All-marble bathroom and black marble fireplace are just a few of marvelous creations to be mentioned.

Abstract designs on the walls and floors may seem dizzy at first sight, but they give the space a glamorous and chic appearance.

The master suite is equipped with two separate bathrooms and two stand-alone dressing rooms.

The place could be a great deal for those, who are looking for more privacy but do not want to run too far from their sweet Hollywood life.

The house is protected by two gated entries and a 250-foot private driveway. Although the area is identified as part of Studio City and sits outside Beverly Hills proper, it shares the coveted 90210 ZIP code.

The backyard surrounds you with a luxurious spirit of a five-star resort. There is enough space for outdoor entertaining of any kind. Does anyone have something against this daily routine?

Start your day chilling in the beautifully designed pool. Invite some friends to a tennis court. Celebrate the end of the day in an open-air living room, where nice juicy steaks, grilled in the exterior kitchen, will be served with a glass of wine from the outdoor bar.

After the party, guests can retire to a comfortable guest house, which boasts sweeping views of the San Fernando Valley. 

Stefani, who has three sons, definitely knew how to create an atmosphere for a happy and carefree childhood.
Within two acres of grounds, there is a playground with a trampoline and a chicken coop. 

If children behaved well and do not fall off their feet from all daytime entertainment, they can enjoy Disney cartoons in the home movie theater before going to sleep. 

Looking at Stefani, who is 48 and still looks like we remember her from the No Doubt music videos, you can involuntarily ask yourself a simple question: just how?

While some of her age-mates are wrapping themselves in oversized dresses (sure, we know, that's just a trend *wink*), she still wears her famous crop-tops. Looking at the fully-equipped gym, that many fitness clubs could envy, you will know the answer.

Where the Rich Girl singer will move next is unclear. Her rumored fiancé Blake Shelton has a couple different properties like his Brentwood, TN mansion, his condo, or his ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. 

Gwen Stefani and her kids have already visited the ranch before. But there's definitely a doubt whether the rustic outdoors could be as incredible as glamorous life inside the marble castles.