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Knock Down: Inside Mayweather's $25 million mansion

BEAM Staff
May 9, 2018

Shortly following his $100 million payday, boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for $25.5 million. Over the course of his career, Mayweather earned near $700 million, letting him easily acquire this 16,000 square foot mansion near the world famous Beverly Hills Hotel.

Built during the 1990s, the LA mansion was later overhauled by megamansion developer, Nile Niami, currently building the world's most expensive home on spec, which he priced at $500 million. Featuring 7 bedrooms, a cinema that seats 20, a wine cellar, a swimming pool and a spa, the estate is one of LA's most expensive.

Behind the restyled mansion is a large courtyard, covered by grass, where sits a large swimming pool complete with a waterfall feature. All around the pool are sun loungers, sitting space as well as a pool house. Hidden away from neighbours by dense vegetation, Mayweather's house sits as a private oasis in Beverly Hills.

Mayweather's new prized asset also features a 20 person cinema. Instead of the usual, standard seats, his home theatre comes complete with a set of couches and coffee tables. Towards the back of the room is a large, cinema-quality screen animated through an HD projector. There's also a built-in snack display for the full experience.

Mayweather's property was originally put on the market in 2015 for $38 million. By the time the boxing champ made his move to acquire the estate, it was being marketed at $28.95 million with the multimillionaire getting it for $25.5 million plus half a million dollars for the high-end furnishings according to the LA Times.

Finished in a modern, tasteful style synonymous with megamansion developer Nile Niami, the house's interior combines dark leather furniture with smart lighting and clearer tones. Often found in luxury hotels, such colour schemes are often used by high end developers as they tend to appeal to a wider audience.

Mayweather's estate features 6 bedrooms in addition to a master suite that has its own balcony. Spacious and in line with the house's overall style, bedrooms are primarily located on the second floor. From the bedrooms, great views of the backyard open on the mansion.

Born in 1997, Floyd Mayweather started his boxing early on, eventually winning a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, jump starting his pro boxing career. Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who had worked with Muhammad Ali, then worked with representing Mayweather on his fights, a partnership that worked for nearly a decade, leading to the boxer earning near $3 million per fight.

Mayweather's rise to a billion in lifetime earnings, however, rested on his decision to take his promotion into his own hands. In 2006, he paid a $750,000 fee to opt out of his contract with Top Rank and essentially become an entrepreneur. He multiplied appearances outside the ring, doing stints on Dancing with the Stars and WrestleMania, building a social media following of 37 million at the same time.

"He had the great vision to take his brand to the next level." Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions told Forbes. In a fight against Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, Mayweather pocketed $25 million and went on a roll pocketing over $25 million for each of his next 12 fights. Creating his own promotion company put him in control of all that revenue, with no more middlemen.

Signing a deal with Showtime to broadcast his fights in 2013, Mayweather got a guarantee of $32 million per fight plus a share of the revenue from the broadcasts. For the fight against Canelo Alvarez that earned the boxer over $71 million. Fighting Pacquiao, he earned near $250 million, putting his earnings from the Showtime deal at near $450 million.

Retiring in 2015 at the end of his Showtime deal, Mayweather ultimately returned to the ring for one last fights against McGregor, which had a guarantee of $100 million for the boxing champ. This put his lifetime earnings as an athlete an over $1 billion, putting him in a very exclusive club in the world of sports. The only other two to have gotten that far are Michel Jordan with his $1.5 billion and Tiger Woods with $1.4 billion.

An important part of Mayweather's career has been the CEO of his promotions company, Leonard Ellerbe. "I want to surround myself with the best businessmen that I can possibly surround myself with. Leonard is a very shrewd businessman." Mayweather once said in an interview. "He left a six-figure paying job to come work for me. Could've been making $3,000 a month... he worked his way to the top. He's a multimillionaire now."