Inside Miley Cyrus's farmhouse - is she ready to settle down?

Konstantin Sheiko
February 20, 2018

Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer and actress, and perhaps one of the most recognizable faces of the 21st-century showbiz. She was a star in Hannah Montana, the series that aimed at a teenage audience as a target market. The series was popular with the viewers and critics alike, receiving favorable reviews and were promoted by several media outlets. The show’s instant success is widely credited with the launch of Cyrus's career and her establishment as a teen idol. 

However, Miley continued to develop an increasingly provocative image as the series progressed, receiving increased criticism for appearing to be a negative influence on its younger audience. Similar transformation seemed to have taken place in her real life off stage, as Miley focused on pop music, abandoning her country singer career in the process, while her public act started to raise eyebrows. Already in 2008, she was in the epicenter of several scandals, when an unknown hacker using her passwords, released photos of the teen suggestively posing for photos with and for then-boyfriend Thomas Sturges.

Just as her first leaked photo scandal began to cool down, even more intimate, stolen images of the singer were blasted across the Internet. This round of photos was intended for her then-boyfriend, up-and-coming Disney heartthrob Nick Jonas. At the time, the couple famously sported purity rings and spoke openly about their choice to abstain from sex until marriage. Later this year Cyrus with her new boyfriend Justin Gaston and several other friends were seen slanting their eyes in a gesture typically made in mockery of Asian people. 

In 2009 Miley performed her famous pole dancing, and in 2013 she was the most tweeted about person in history, with millions of views on YouTube and more than 390 thousands tweets every minute. Miley Cyrus was the woman everyone is talking about, but people also talked about her many relationships, break-ups and alcohol fuelled parties. Some critics commented that her hit song/video Wrecking Ball was an insight into Miley’s unhappy inner world. And as Miley’s continued to experiment with drugs and alcohol, fans started to increasingly draw parallels between Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, predicting an unhappy ending to her career. 

Perhaps there is some truth in old wisdom that meeting your best half is a recipe for a happy and stable life. It looks like Miley is finally leaving her turbulent past behind. It is rumored that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are reportedly preparing to welcome a little bub into the world in 2018. The couple had a share of drama in the past; they broke up twice in 2010, announced their engagement in 2012, then called it off in 2013, and became engaged again in 2016. While they were apart, they both saw other people, with Liam spotted hooking up with Mexican actor Eiza Gonzalez and Miley dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

However, in the end, love conquers it all, and according to friends and family members, the high-profile couple have been busy renovating the singer’s Tennessee farmhouse to be more family-friendly. Miley bought the Franklin farmhouse for $7.5 million in August 2017. A pool and mini putt-putt green has also been added, and judging by the size and scope of the renovation, the couple is utterly serious about moving in. Miley has already installed two extra wings to the property, and sources claim that one of the wings is destined to be a nursery.

Recent reports suggested Miley was ‘preparing her body for a possible pregnancy’, finally having given up alcohol and marijuana over the past year. Rumours that the lovebirds are preparing for a child have also been fuelled by Miley’s visit to a local furniture store, where she browsed nursery items. A staff member of the local store confessed that Miley and her mum have been buying furniture here. 

Initially reports surfaced after the lovebirds spent time with boxer friend Victor Ortiz's baby son Royal, when they agreed over Christmas to start a family of their own. “They have wanted a baby for ages, but the timing was never right”, a family friend of the Hemsworth's allegedly revealed. “But now they feel as ready as they'll ever be”, the source continued.