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Charlie Sheen hopes to rent out his infamous mansion

Nadja Beschetnikova
May 21, 2018

One of TV's most notorious actors, Charlie Sheen, the former star of Two and a Half Men, has now put up his 8,932 square feet Beverly Hills mansion for rent at a price tag of $43,000 per month. This follows Sheen previously listing the property, located in one of the most sought after areas of California, for $10 million.

Once one of TV's highest-paid stars, Charlie Sheen bought this Italy-inspired mansion in 2006 for $7,200,000. The two-story house was originally built in 1992. At the time, the Two and a Half Men star was earning a reported $1.9 million per episode, in addition to lucrative endorsement deals. 

Later removed from the hit sitcom, after ranking as the highest earning actor in 2011 according to Forbes, Sheen left with a sizeable net worth. One of his prized assets, the mansion in Mulholland Estates features a theatre room with a wet bar amongst its many amenities as well as a pool and a large formal garden and courtyard.

In February, the film and television star has listed his seven-bedroom, seven-bath mansion in Mulholland Estates in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles for the curious price of $9,999,999.

It was also his home base when he had his public fracas with "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros., as well as several run-ins with the law. He once described the creator of "Two and a Half Men" as an extremely talentless individual and attracted attention with countless other escapades.

The Mediterranean Revival-style home on a half-acre lot boasts two pools, an elaborate gazebo with a bar, and up-to-date kitchen. The double glass doors open to a grand double-height foyer with a winding staircase. The kitchen features top-end appliances, a walk-in pantry and a dumbwaiter that conveniently lifts food and drink to the second-floor master suite.

By the way, David Lynch would probably appreciate Sheen’s Creston home theater with heavy, red velvet drapes – it’s very Twin Peaks style. Charlie Sheen, the youngest son of the well-known actor Martin Sheen, adorned the screening room with vintage touches by adding old posters, old-fashioned bar, neon signage and cigarette machine to the interior. It could definitely serve as a backdrop for some ‘60s films.

But it’s not even the most entertaining room in the house. One of the rooms upstairs, initially designed as children’s room, has access to a balcony and features a night sky mural on the ceiling, with hanging planet models. There's also a canopied dining room and a gym equipped with everything necessary to keep fit.

The front of the house also features landscaped gardens, while the backyard provides a variety of entertaining and recreation options including both open and awning shaded terraces. 

The sprawling master suite, that incorporates a large bedroom and separate sitting room, features a spacious closet, a second, smaller screening room with a wet bar, a fitted walk-in closet and a monochromatically beige bathroom with two-person soaking tub.

But this time Sheen was not as successful as in December 2015 when he sold another property within Mulholland Estates for $6.6 million.

Apparently, the star failed to find any interested parties. Now, he wants to rent the infamous mansion for $43,000 per month, which must be a reasonable price for the opportunity to live next door with such celebrities as Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Vanna White, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner.

It is noteworthy that Kendall Jenner now lives in a house that previously also belonged to Charlie Sheen. At one point, Sheen owned several homes in the Mulholland Estates enclave. Jenner purchased one of them for $5.415 million in June 2016.

The 6,625-square-foot residence boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a pool, a fire pit, and tennis court. The lavish property, built in 1991, is only four years older than its new owner.

It seems that Charlie Sheen can no longer afford to live on the previous luxury scale since his income must have been declined significantly. After all the scandals, he’s not so in-demand in Hollywood. Besides, the actor also has heavy tax debts. According to the US portal "The Blast", Charlie Sheen reportedly owes the government almost $5 million in back taxes from 2015. The portal refers to existing court documents.

Charlie Sheen is currently living out his parading role as an alcoholic womanizer in "Two and a Half Men" - only much more extreme. The Golden Globe-winning actor has blown his cash and his luck. The fact that he is actively selling his property, which is also not always successful, speaks of his difficult financial situation. Let’s see if he will find people who want to live in his house.

Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City. He rose to fame through films like Oliver Stone's Oscar-winning Platoon and Wall Street, before starring on TV's Two and a Half Men, which brought in most of his net worth at near $1.9 million in earnings per episode by 2010.

For the first time Sheen’s film career began to suffer in the ‘90s as he was beginning to develop a reputation as a hard-partying, womaniser. His career, however, took a brighter turn when Sheen starred in Two and a Half Men, the most popular TV show at the time. This led him to being named by Forbes the highest earning actor in 2011, pulling in over $40 million in the span of one year.

After being fired from the show, following difficult behaviour, Sheen went on a live tour that netted him another $7 million in appearance fees and merchandise sales. That same year, an advertising deal with on Twitter, brought him an estimated $2 million thanks to his 4 million Twitter followers.

Listing photos: Rodeo Realty