WeChat is becoming essential  for luxury brand sale

Maria Sergeeva
October 23, 2017

WeChat, Chinese multi-function social media mobile application software developed by Tencent has increasingly expanded beyond its initial functions. A multiple offer of services such as instant messaging, video / audio calls, audio conversation made it the number 1 social media application in China and let it spread into many countries worldwide. Today it is also used by sales associates of luxury brands to communicate with clients.

Moreover, CITCON, the leading cross-border mobile payment company, is announced  the partnership with payment services Shift4 Corporation, to WeChat Pay and Alipay, the most popular and convenient payment options for Chinese consumers to purchase overseas. This partnership will let consumers to purchase goods and services in Chinese Yuan, and for merchants to be paid in US Dollars directly by CITCON.

According to Jing Daily, a recent WeChat article titled “Luxury Brands’ Sales Associates Update on WeChat Moment in Chinese” brought to the spotlight the grey practice of sales associates using WeChat to sell.

Gradually more and more, customers are ready to shop in WeChat style. According to a foreign sales associate at a luxury boutique in San Francisco, “they often approach me to ask me WeChat contact to keep in touch,” she said in an interview with Jing Daily.

“WeChat is a great tool for this matter,” said Miquel Cardona, co-founder of Oriental Retail Ventures, “because through the personal use of WeChat, the communication is more authentic, it feels like what’s given to you is more personalized.”

However, the benefits of usage of WeChat in luxury sales are ambiguous. According to Cardona,the usage of the platform carries significant risks for brands.

Most significantly, brands can’t monitor the conversations on WeChat. Not knowing the quality of the content that sales associate share about the brand can put brands’ positioning at risk, and further impact how the brand is perceived in the market, warns Jing Daily.

Despite the risks, WeChat represents a great chance for brands to integrate consumer digital behavior in the selling and easily interact with Chinese luxury consumer.