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Nous: Former Colette executives launch new store in Paris

BEAM Staff
January 4, 2018

Less than 3 weeks after Colette - the iconic Parisian store - closed its doors after over 20 years of setting trends, Nous, a new concept store is set to open in Paris. Spearheaded by former Colette executives, Nous will launch on January 8th at 48, Rue Cambon.

The location puts the store, which will primarily be involved in selling street-wear as well as high-tech, right next to Chanel but also nearby the former Colette store that shut its doors on the 20th December.

"This new concept store has for mission to make Parisians discover new, innovative products created by talent from all over the world." explained a Nous spokesperson. Spreading over 150 square meters, the store will feature specially curated items in high tech, sportswear, watches, accessories as well as other limited edition creations.

Every month, Nous' four showcases will be reimagined by various creators with artistic installations inspired by international headlines. For its opening, the store will welcome OnePlus for the worldwide, exclusive launch of their latest limited edition series.

Key figures behind the launch of this new concept store include Sebastien Chapelle, head of Colette's high tech and watches department for over 14 years, and Marvin Dein, former head of Colette's sneakers department for 9 years.