Cartier conceives Perfumed Cloud at a Paris museum  

Maria Sergeeva
October 24, 2017

Until October 23rd, the Palais de Tokyo basin is invested with a new ephemeral installation Le Nuage Parfumé (or Perfumed Cloud), fruit of the new experiments of the Cartier House.

In the context of FIAC (short for La Foire internationale d’art contemporain)– the famous contemporary art fair in Paris,  Maison Cartier wants to place the olfactory art at the heart of the creative process.

The “first OSNI, Objet sentant non identifiém, or USO for Unidentified Scented Object.” is built on the parvis of the Palais de Tokyo.

Open from 11 am – 8 pm, 20-23 October, The Nuage Parfumé was open free for visitors but only by online reservations.

People could enter five at a time to experience a real "head in the clouds" moment. The first time they didn’t  smell anything but passing through a “scented cloud.”, a fragrance hits you and it is differentely perceived by each visitor. This effect is achieved by superimposing three air layers of different temperatures in the cube.

The project is the creation of Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s in-house perfumer, who dreams to release the fragrance from its product condition to become a piece of art

“I’m not an artist,’ she says, ‘but it’s good to remember that Cartier has always considered and been close to contemporary art – from the creation of the Cartier Fondation in the 1970s. I feel that to create a piece like this is our duty as a house because it’s important that we sustain olfactory art like all others. Sense of smell is very important.”

It’s a perfume Laurent created for Cartier in 2016, L’Envol de Cartier.

“It’s not a sugary, sickly fragrance. You can be sweet and refined,” Laurent explained.

The Cartier House plans further cultural installations which what makes you think that ideas about the art world of The Cartier foundation for contemporary art will soon exceed the scope of the museum.