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The World of Dan Bilzerian's toys

Konstantin Sheiko
March 2, 2018

Dan Bilzerian, or as they call him, the King Of Instagram, has a lifestyle as controversial as it is enticing. He is a playboy and a professional poker player, and he constantly boasts about it to his 20 million+ Instagram followers. Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian is the 35-year-old son of an exiled eighties corporate raider. His father, Paul Bilzerian, who now resides on St Kitts in the West Indies, is a convicted fraudster who has paid only $3.7m (£2.3m) of a two-decade old $62m (£39m) judgement against him. Naturally, questions have been raised over how much, if any, of Bilzerian's money comes from his father.   

Bilzerian is a former US Navy Seal trainee and self-described “venture capitalist”, who splits his time between Los Angeles and Vegas. He gets his hair cut by bare-breasted women in bow ties. He buys a new pick-up truck so he can carry around his 20mm anti-tank gun. He makes eight-digit bets on poker games. And he takes mobile phone portraits of himself next to his customised Gulfstream IV jet, which has his personal trademark - a headshot of his pet goat, Zeus - painted on the tail.   

In one of his tweets he mused that his “greatest fear is that someone will break in and I won't be able to decide what gun to shoot them with”. Attached was an image of his dining room table, covered with several assault rifles, pistols and magazines. Bilzerian is typically dressed in a pseudo-military get-up of dark T-shirt, boots and cargo pants.   

Bilzerian’s car collection looks like the prized possessions of a Saudi Prince. It also includes Lamborghini Aventador, the $393,695 slick white beast with black rims. The car bears a plate ‘Mr Goat’, referring to his pet goat who is a frequent guest on his instagram photos. 

Next is 1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 ($1,815,750). It has a vanity plate that reads ‘Suck It’, while the car itself is often used for races at track days. This vintage car is very fast, and can easily race a Ferrari holding its ground.   

For a classy touch, there is Bentley Continental GT ($190,625). A car with a classy red interior is supposedly used for Bilzerian’s board meetings - or so claims, maybe jokingly. 

Polaris PZR 900 ($16,499) is a reminder of his old days when he undertook seal training, and this military inspired vehicle is a part of his collection. Camouflaged Polaris is a choice car for shooting trips and desert adventures. However, it is also road legal. 

1970 Toyota Land Cruiser ($49,000) is a must for anyone living in California and enjoying active lifestyle (of course, you should also be able to afford it). If you are into beach, surfing and diving, then this type of a vehicle makes your life a lot easier.

Altogether Bilzerian’s car collection is worth close to $3,5 million. What makes it stand out is not just the price - there are by far more expensive car collections out there. It is a careful selection of various vehicles that are actually being actively used and exploited by their owner, as opposed to dead rows of luxury automobiles that have never been driven at all, lining up somebody’s garage for the sole purpose of yet another cool Instagram photo.