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Soon you can subscribe to the high-end Mercedes cars

Nadja Beschetnikova
April 18, 2018

German luxury carmaker just joined the race on the market of luxury vehicle subscription services. Mercedes followed the path taken by other luxury brands like Porsche, Volvo, and Cadillac, which have begun offering similar subscription-based services for their vehicles. Most recently, another German mogul, BMW, launched its own subscription service pilot in the USA.

In the world where trends are fleeting, the conception of changing the car every few weeks seems to become very popular among the customers. Previously, the subscription-based service has already proved its success in the fashion industry. The idea of renting the items depending on the need at the time or lifestyle can perfectly work with cars too. Sometimes, you need a smart-casual, sometimes, a gorgeous gown. Sometimes you’re OK with a sedan, sometimes you’d better drive a cabriolet.

Given that car ownership becomes more and more expensive and aggravating in the crowded cities, the subscription services for the luxury cars can cover the gap between economy-class car-sharing and limousine service.

The service, called Mercedes-Benz Collection, rolls out in June as a pilot in Nashville and Philadelphia. Customers will be given access to a variety of cars for a monthly fee. Though there’s no details on pricing yet, the offer will hardly be inexpensive. The similar programs range from $600 per month for a Volvo to more than $3,000 for Porsche. Access by BMW program in the Nashville market starts at $2,000 per month. Most probably, to stay in the competition, Mercedes will operate with the same pricing policy. 

Multiple subscription tiers will be present at each location, with subscribers able to choose from a wide variety of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks, including SUV, sedan, coupe, cabriolet, roadster and wagon models. The companies noted each tier will allow access to higher performance Mercedes-AMG models.

The service will be operated via an app through which customers will be able to request available vehicles. The subscription fee includes insurance and maintenance, while Mercedes provides also 24/7 roadside assistance. Within the tier, there’ll be no limitation on mileage. During the subscription period, Mercedes customers will also have unlimited access to cars.