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Meet the most expensive SUV in the world

Nadja Beschetnikova
May 4, 2018

SUV is something that you’d rather associate with a family man, not with a superhero. But the newest SUV from the IAT Automobile Technology, called Karlmann King, looks exactly like a design for the next Batmobil.  

However, to afford the vehicle you also must be a multimillionaire, not a just an ordinary family man. But those who are insanely rich and terrified of a zombie apocalypse finally have a reasonable option when buying a car.

Unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show last year, Karlmann King is world's most expensive SUV and starts at $2.2 million. For such money, you can buy eight copies of the prestigious British crossover Bentley Bentayga. And this price is required for the basic version while customers can also upgrade the Karlmann King to four million.

The Karlmann King is based on the Ford F-550, a medium-weight model from the popular US pick-up series. The car is designed in China and assembled almost completely by hand in Europe, with a chassis and engine supplied by Ford. But this the only similarity with conventional cars.  

The angular exterior with its many triangular radar-deflecting surfaces reminds a stealth fighter jet. The matte black paint finish of the body, which is made of carbon and steel, matches this impression. The vehicle is designed to operate in extreme temperatures, from minus 40°C up to 90°C. However, the image of a combat vehicle disappears as soon as you peek inside.

 In an instant, you will be transferred from the battlefield into the interior of a luxury hotel room.  
There’s a retractable HDTV wired to Apple TV and a PlayStation 4, a private safe box, a satellite internet, a mini fridge - complete with a bottle of Champagne and two crystal glasses - and a Nespresso machine. By the way, the coffee machine, the air conditioning, the seat adjustment and some other features can be operated and controlled via an app, so the passengers do not have to search for the buttons.

The interior’s upholstery is available in different colourways, so you can choose between more romantic light colors or brutal combination of dark violet with golden hues. Both versions are complete with a night sky design on the ceiling that illuminates with LED lighting.

The spacious interior, which resembles a magnificent suite, offers sufficient space for four to seven passengers. Like in a limousine, a thick window separates the luxury cabin from the driver.  

The designer Luciano D'Ambrosio, who designed the exterior and interior of the car, describes the luxury car as "a work of art».

As for the technical characteristics, this vehicle is rather mediocre. The 6.8-litre V10 engine delivers 400 hp, but only accelerates the vehicle to a maximum of 140 kilometres per hour. The weight of the car significantly limits its speed. Do not expect to be impressed by 0–100 km/h time.  This car is definitely not supposed to compete with Porsche 918 Spyder.

Depending on the equipment, the monster weighs between 4.5 tons (basic equipment) and 6 tons (bullet-proof version). The load is distributed over a total length of 5,990 millimetres. The vehicle has a width of 2,500 millimetres, which is the absolute limit for heavy trucks.

The model’s production is said to be limited to just 10 units. Reportedly, all of them are already sold.

Well, who said that surviving a zombie apocalypse will be affordable for everyone. 

Photo: Karlmann King