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Last McLaren Senna supercar sold for €2,67 million

BEAM Staff
December 17, 2017

The last unit of the McLaren Senna series has been sold at auction at a final price of €2,67 million. Previous units of the car had been sold at over €850,000, hence seeing the last, 500th unit, selling at 3 times its base price at the McLaren Winter Ball at the company's corporate headquarters in Woking, UK.

As for the previous McLaren Senna's sold, a portion of the profits of the sale was donated to the Ayrton Senna foundation, after whom the supercar is named. The charity helps kids around the world.

Despite never being officially presented, all 500 units of the McLaren Senna have been sold, pushing experts to consider it a car set to rapidly increase in value as a collector's item over the next decade.

Featuring a V8 biturbo, 4-liter engine, the supercar has no less than 800bhp. Interestingly the car's weight doesn't exceed 1,200kg and, most importantly, it is fully classified for public roads.

Arguably the most impressive element on the McLaren Senna are her doors, which can have a glass panel replace part of its mainframe. An ideal feature for those who want to be closer to the road.